06 February 2011

One Day At A Time

Caveat: I have a number of (online) friends who are currently going through rough patches (understatement of the century) ATM. The strength of character and bravery they are showing are...immense. This post is not, in any way, shape or form, meant to belittle their journey.

It's Day 3. Day 3 of the healthy eating plan with no Coca Cola. *sob sob* It has been...better than Day 2. Day 2 (yesterday) was horrible. I had no energy at all and a constant headache. (Anyone who says caffeine isn't addictive is lying!) So, why am I on a healthy eating plan with no Coca Cola? Well, I'm glad you asked! (Because it will allow me to rant...and thus distract me from thinking about a lovely, ice-cold Coca Cola...which would be perfect in this humid weather :)

As I have mentioned previously, I have been on (and off) a healthy eating plan for approximately 18 months...YIKES!...attempting to reach my target goal weight of 57.5 kg (126.5 lb). In May 2010 I was 100 g off my target and then everything started sliding south and by October had gone pear-shaped :) I went and saw the nutritionist last Friday and no surprise I now have 7 kg to lose :( I agreed with the nutritionist to go back on the healthy eating plan (and be strict). I also suggested that over the next 5 weeks (until my next visit) I would not indulge in Coca Cola. The thought did cross my mind to just cut back, but I know if I tried that I will fail. My body can handle one can per day when I am at my target weight and exercising, but not ATM. So, deprivation!
I have to admit tears (mine) were shed over the decision. When the nutritionist asked why I started explaining that it was the high point of my day. And that stopped me cold. The high point of my day is reading (in other words escaping) while drinking a can of Coca Cola. And could I mention any other high point? No. Other things that make me happy? Well, I like discussing books. But sometimes I get so caught up in making sure that I check everyone's blog (heaven forbid I slight anyone unintentionally and I know that I'm the one who puts myself under that pressure) that...it's not as much fun. So, well....no. And I feel that's kind of sad. I'm not really sure what to do about it...

In the interim I'm sticking (ATM by my fingertips as there is nothing like someone opening a can of soft drink to start Pavlov's reflex :) to the plan. My deal is to stick with it for at least 3 weeks. I'm not seeing the nutritionist until 14 March, which is 5 weeks and I know I'll be broken by then and pleading. I know how I felt about giving up Coca Cola last time - like I was doing penance. I feel like that now. Coca Cola is my highlight because it's my reward for getting through the day without locking myself in a closet. And I shouldn't feel that way, but I do. I am trying the unnamed expert's advice of prioritizing my 'things to do'. That's wasn't difficult yesterday when it was all I could do to...well, get up!

I do miss it though. The nutritionist suggested 3 weeks and then reevaluate. I'll see where I am at at the end of this month.
So, if you don't mind the question, what are your addictions and have you been able to wean yourself off them? And...do you want to?


  1. In my youth I realized I needed to forswear alcohol. But I'm a lifelong coke addict. So is my sibling. Can't leave it alone for more than a few months. I was going to quit forever, had sworn to my medical people I would - and then I got cancer. Three months in, I popped a coke and haven't looked back. I need to lose the cancer weight now that treatment is well over, but there's no desire in my heart to do it. I love the little red can.

    That's probably not helping. But I feel your pain!!

  2. Meoskop - thank you :) Luckily I've never had to worry about alcohol...it's never tasted that nice to me :) That and I'm a control freak and I just can't go further than one bottle of an alchopop (which tastes like a soft drink :) I'm so sorry to hear about the cancer, but...if your treatment is well over then I take all is good ATM? *fingers crossed* I love the little red can too :) I think because I've an end date is mind I can do it. Plus, I know what a difference it makes to losing weight - I saw it last time.

  3. I am a big soda addict - but - I have switched to Pepsi Max (0 calorie) Although it is probably all chemicals, at least I get to drink one during the day.

    My other addiction is COFFEE!!!! Couldn't live without it! ;p

  4. I couldn't give up soda (although, my fave is Pepis)... I did minimize it to 1 can a day. It's hard! I really need to lose weight as well, but I'm so lazy!! Maybe soon ;)

    I wish you success in your goal. I know it's not easy... but I have faith in you :)

  5. Everyone is addicted to something. I was never that into soda (I stopped drinking it after high school and immediately lost 5 lbs). I am definitely addicted to coffee and I used to be waaaay addicted to reading.

    Have you tried club soda with fruit juice added (like apple)? I have that sometimes. It's a good soda substitute because you still get the bubbles. :)

  6. I have an addictive personality, but I tend to go through phases--knitting, cross stitching, greeting cards, making furniture, gardening. Whatever it is, I can go for months to a year doing pretty much nothing else during my free time.

    However, the only thing that has stayed an addiction through all the other phases, and all the ups and downs of my life, is reading.

    As far as eating or drinking addictions, mine is also Coca Cola.

    Here is how I control it: being frugal *coughcheapcough* due to external circumstances (extreme lack of money) I started avoiding buying cans off automatic dispensers or at the register line at the grocery store--too expensive for the actual amount of coke in them! So the only time I had coke was at home--where I could serve myself a glass off the two-liter bottle.

    Once I realized this, I quite simply stopped buying coke, at all. It hurt like the dickens (mostly emotionally, I think--it was a clutch and a link to my late father) but every time I would falter I would remember all the money I was saving (did I mention frugal/cheap?)

    It didn't make it easier, but it strengthened the resolve to persevere. Ten years later, give or take a few months, I only have the occasional lapse (and usually in the form of a two-liter bottle--I still think a can or 16 oz bottle is highway robbery)

    (yes, I'm that cheap)

    * * * * * * *

    Here's wishing you an easier road ahead than the one you expect--and that the results, health-wise, are immediate enough to encourage and cheer you. *hug*

  7. I haven't been a soda drinker for years. But don't try to get between me and my soy mochas, dammit! :)

  8. Coffee. I would have a really difficult time giving up coffee. I also love an ice cold diet coke now and then, but can pass it by pretty easily.

    Did you ever look into the Lose it App for the iphone? I couldn't have lost the weight I have without it. It really helps me stay on track with my daily calories, and while I don't want to discourage you from going cold turkey without the Coke, but maybe you'll be able to budget a can now and then. I say this because ice cream is another major weakness of mine... and I nearly had a small dish every day last summer and I still lost 35+ lbs! Something to think about. Food for thought? Heh.

    I still have maybe 20 lbs. I want to lose and have been at a #%@% plateau in my weight loss for a couple of months now. It's frustrating... I need to get super strict again. And probably give up the ice cream... Don't make me do it!!!

    uhh... I think I just had a revelation....

    I have to give up ice cream and get more strict with my calorie counting to budge over this plateau.

    You give up the coke, I'll give up the ice cream... Deal?


  9. I love Pepsi but can go through stages where I don't have any. I can go through several 12 can packs quite quickly but then may not buy any more for months and months.

    I also love chocolate and salt & vinegar chips. Like the Pepsi, I seem to be able to go through long stages without eating any and then have continuous cravings for them and I just have to indulge (and overindulge!) before I take another break.

    I starve and then feed the addiction.

  10. Good luck with reaching your goal, orannia.
    I think what coca cola is for you, chocolate is for me. Although I can go without it for weeks, it never fails to cheer me up whenever I indulge. :)

  11. Oh I feel your pain and I know you can do it! By the time 3 weeks is over you won't even be craving the Coke any longer! I gave up ALL caffeine when I was trying to get pregnant with my first child. What. A. Nightmare. lol Seriously I was the biggest bitch - maybe that's why I wasn't getting pregnant! lol Kidding. But it was really difficult. Once you're over the initial hurdle of the cravings it gets easier - it does!

    To avoid the headaches try Excedrin (do they have that there?). Since you're only avoiding Coke and not all caffeine it may do the trick. It has some caffeine in it to take the headache away but won't make you jittery. :)

    Good luck! {{big hug}}

  12. Mandi - I did try Coca Cola Zero once, but the taste was just too different...and I figure I'd rather deal with the sugar than the additives :) I did succumb yesterday, but...just once *grin*

    Mariana - Pepsi? *shudders* Not. For. Me. *grin* And one (can?) per day is OK IMHO :)

    heidenkind - I love the smell of coffee, but not the taste. And I haven't tried club soda will juice so will have to give that a whirl - thank you!

  13. azteclady - thank you :) I avoid the bottles because I'd just end up drinking all of it. Well, that and IMHO the bottles don't get as cold as the cans, unless they are glass, and I like my Coca Cola icy *grin*

    Chris - I'll never get between you and your soy mochas (unless you asked me to :) And I'll have to take your word on their yummy status as coffee and I don't mix. More coffee for everyone else :)

    Christine - I haven't looked into the Lose It app as yet, but I will. And I hear you on the odd treat. I actually had a can of Coca Cola yesterday, and one today (I had lunch with my best friend). The nutritionist suggested two per week would be fine (and it would allow me to feel less like I was doing penance [my words] :) And considering it's winter where you are, I think you deserve a break on the weight loss. It's hard to lose weight in winter as the body naturally wants you to eat more to stay warm!

  14. ShellBell - Pepsi? Don't get it myself, but I'll take your word for it :) I get the feeling people fall into the Pepsi or Coca Cola camp, but not both.

    Janna - thank you. And Coca Cola definitely cheers me up. It's my comfort...which I need to work on.

    Tracy - thank you (for your kind words and the advice). Last Sunday was headache central, but...I'm OK now. The cravings are...mostly gone, but I did indulge today and yesterday, but no more now until next Friday at the earliest. The nutritionist said two cans per week was OK - I was just trying to be tough, but the odd treat makes the rest easier.

  15. Hang in there, Orannia! you can do it!