26 February 2011

Pet Peeves

We all have them. Don't we? Apart from the stalker plot (and we all know how much I love that particular plot, don't we? /sarcasm) my biggest pet peeve can be laid firmly at the feet of the written accent. For example:
'That was rude,' he muttered. 'E coulda said please at least.'
Or how about:
'So'm I, missus,' he replied with a little bow of thanks. 'Ye saved me a mort' o'trouble'.
Now, maybe you have absolutely no problem reading them there quotes. In which case I want your brain! (Which is very zombie like for someone who doesn't like zombies :) Me? My overly OCD brain stops on 'E coulda' and 'So'm' and 'mort o'trouble' and tries and tries to make sense of it. And when I finally work it out I've forgotten what the *insert swear word here* is going on! So, a book I was planning on reading next week, by an author whose books I have loved since I was a teenager, has been returned to the library. To be fair, the primary character is just rather too perfect. I was attempting to cut the author some slack, in remembrance of my feelings for her early books, but...I just couldn't. *shrug* So, I'm reading something else?

So, what are your pet peeves?

BTW, I'm amazed I was able to type this post, because my fingers are stinging. I am never, never, never planting such hot chili plants again and I'm never, never, never cutting up 15 of them again without a hazmat suit on! OW!


  1. You know I'm with you on the stalkers. :) And I really dislike trying to read dialogue that uses accents like that. REALLY dislike. I read something earlier in the week that refreshed my dislike, too.

    Ouch re: your fingers - I hope you didn't inadvertently touch your eyes...

  2. Ooh, I really dislike that too.

    Sorry about your fingers!

  3. Accents don't usually bother me, if they're well done. If not they can get annoying.

    Hm, I'm not really sure what my pet peeves are, other than incest.

  4. I'm totally with you on both issues - stalkers and accents. One of the things I'm LOVING about Meljean Brook's Guardians set is how incredibly well she does her characters' voices. The dialogue is scripted in such a way that you can *hear* the Southern drawl that a cowboy character speaks with; or the plummy, almost prudish voice of one of the Victorian female leads, all without a single accent transliteration being done. It takes talent that I wish more authors had.

    Oh, and to this list, I'd also add Rourke syndrome for any kind of romance plot or subplot that features an allegedly competent male lead who's managed to build any kind of life or career for himself before he meets the female lead, and then seems completely incapable of thinking about anything else but said lead from the moment he casts eyes on her.

  5. ARRGHHHH! Just lost all my comments :(

    Chris - if I make any move toward that book, can you please head me off? And I didn't touch my eyes - thank goodness!

    ames - thank you :) All better now!

    heidenkind - I've yet to read an accent that hasn't driven me bonkers, but you never know!

    ...accent transliteration...

    starfirenz - that's a good way of saying it! Glad to hear you're enjoying Meljean Brook's Guardians set. Ahhh, and Roarke syndrome. *nods*