02 February 2011

To Sequel Or Not To Sequel

Caveat: This post contains from slight spoilers for Lord of the White Hell.

I know the sequel question gets asked a lot by readers, me included. Sometimes a sequel happens, sometimes not. And sometimes you really wish it hadn't happened *grin*

When I finished reading Lord of the White Hell (Ginn Hale) I was immediately struck by sequel cravings. You know the kind, when you will beg, steal or promise the author almost anything for a sequel. Now, at the beginning of Book II I would have sworn black and blue that the characters I most wanted a sequel for were Javier & Kiriam. By the end, however, I had but one character on the brain: Elezar! Imagine my sheer joy when I visited Ginn Hale's LiveJournal only to have her ask the question I was dying to hear:
If you were to read another book set in the same world, who would you like to see in it?
(I hope the direct link to the question works inside a quote.) Cue rambling comments from me to Ginn on why Elezar absolutely needs a book. And then I read comments mentioning Alizadeh Lif-Moussu and Rafie Kir-Zaki. (Alizadeh has me fascinated because I am beyond convinced he is far older than he looks and his story so needs to be told :) And then someone mentioned Fedeles, and I was like yes.... In other words, I want multiple sequels! *grin*

So, have you read Lord of the White Hell and, if so, would you like to read a sequel? And more specifically, who would you like to read a sequel about? (Please don't just post your thoughts here - I am sure Ginn would love to know :)

Edited to add: For those of you who haven't read Ginn's books and who bravely read to the end of this post even with the caveat, the books are now available as eBooks from Weightless Books!


  1. I have the sample on my kindle. I really want to try Ginn Hale's books.

  2. Oh, I so would love to know what you think!

  3. Thanks so much for the post!
    I'm really excited to hear what anyone has to say.

  4. You're very welcome Ginn! I think it's a fantastic question - I was so excited to be asked. And I have 8 March highlighted in my diary for The Rifter! (The excerpt you posted blew me away :)

  5. I haven't read them (yet) but all those amazing sounding names have me intrigued.
    In general I've become more and more of a fan of sequels in which secondary characters of the first book are starring.

  6. I looked at the book covers. I have the books (signed, thank you, Yaoi Con), but haven't read them. I can see myself getting the ebooks to read, because I like reading them that much more than paper books...

  7. I haven't read them! And I have them! How awful is that....I've only heard great things though!

  8. Janna - they are truely amazing books! And I'm made my 'suggestion' to Ginn on a number of secondary character being the stars of any sequels :) Yes there are a few - the secondary characters in these books are very 3D IMHO.

    Chris - I adore the book covers! Signed print copies - ohhhhhh! Now both books are available in eBook the world (or the world in these books :) is your oyster! LOL!

    Mandi - you have them and have resisted them? How? *grin* I'm kidding - I know how hard it is when you're surrounded by so many good books. They are definitely workth a read IMHO. Have you read Wicked Gentlemen?

  9. I think that's a tough one to decide. I loved Elezar AND Fedeles...he just made my heart ache the poor guy. If she were writing about that world I think I'd like Fedeles first. After everything he went through I'd love to see him get a HEA.

    For those of you who haven't read the books - go read them! lol So. Damn. Good.

  10. Tracy - I know! Poor Fedeles... Actually, I think I want four sequels - Javier & Kiriam (although they can also appear in the other three books :), Fedeles, Elezar, and Alizadeh & Rafie. Have I missed anyone? *grin*