30 March 2011

The Count

Are you ever shocked by how much you read? I met my lovely friend cyphomandra for brunch (OK, so I had lunch, but who's counting? *grin*) earlier this month and we got to talking, among other things, about the rather....large fantasy series (War of Light and Shadow) [Janny Wurts] that I've been reading over the last several months. (FYI - I'm on the last book...well, the last book published [the next book is scheduled for release in October 2011].) Anyway, cyphomandra asked me how many pages I had read (because each book in the series is definitely a paperweight). Ohhh, a challenge I thought. So, based on the pages listed on GoodReads (and please note that those page counts include a glossary so this number will be overinflated and I have selected the version [hardback versus paperback] of each book), I've read...

*drum roll please*

841 + 656 + 576 + 565 + 736 + 960 + 542 = 6949 pages!

*faints* Of one series!

Hmmm. *sly grin* For those of you that follow the In Death series, I wonder how many pages you have read... I suppose this could be considered a meme. A Count Meme. So, here's me laying down the challenge: pick a series you've read and count the number of pages! And be prepared to be afraid...


  1. Oh I read the first few books of The War Of Light and Shadow way back in the sands of time. You're making me want to pick it up again.

  2. Wow, that's quite a lot. :) I'm not a big series reader, so I have nothing to make an impression with, lol.

  3. I feel too lazy to figure anything like that out! :)

  4. Holy book pages, Batman! That's a lot of pages read. I have no idea how many I've read...even just this year alone. Now I'm going to go look this series up. :)

  5. I just finished the last of Suzanne Brockmann's Troubleshooters books--all 500+ pages of it--so I don't think I would be scared, or surprised, if I were to actually count pages read.

    Can I just say, "an ump-tillion" and be done? *winning smile* pretty please?

  6. Sayuri - I started reading the series when they were first published...1993...YIKES! I'm on the last one now..well, the last one until October. If you do read them again I look forward to hearing what you think :)

    Janna - I think fantasy series make it easy, because they always seem to be so big!

    Chris - normally I wouldn't, but cyphomandra had me curious, and....YIKES!

    Tracy - I know. Insane, huh? It is a good series, but I definitely wouldn't call it an easy read :) And the author's writing style isn't for everyone.

    azteclady - ohhhh! That's one long series. (I've only read the first two books.) And yes, 'ump-tillion' works for me *grin*

  7. I accepted the challenge, then got distracted... I'll definitely get the numbers for the In Death books. I've read them all, so I figure it's going to be a bit high.

    I'll need some quiet time without my niece... see you later :)

  8. Mariana - I look forward to hearing your total :)

  9. Hey! Finally got the count :) In total, for the In Death series, I've read 11566 (approx.) pages. Nice huh?!