28 March 2011

Fit To Fly

I think this safety video pretty much speaks for itself. (The majority of participants may not be familiar to most of you, but keep an eye out for Phil Keoghan!)

Edited to add: Those of you who glimpsed this post this morning weren't mistaken. I was trying to get it to fit a little better, but I've decided it's worth watching regardless :)

Edited again to add: You can see the original video here!


  1. LOVE Phil!!! I really want to go to New Zealand... Lili and I were discussing that instead of having a bday party for her 15th bday we would do a trip... Australia, New Zealand, Europe or Hawaii (cross my fingers, we can do it)

  2. Chris - isn't it just! The spangly Air New Zealand tops so work. There is also a rugby one (starring the All Blacks). What I didn't realize is these are actual safety videos. As in...they screen before take-off! A good friend saw the rugby one recently when travelling overseas and she said everyone was watching it (versus ignoring, which is what most people seem to do) and laughing. So, I guess it works :)

    Mariana - he's on TV here ATM (The Amazing Race). He is from Christchurch, so came back after the recent earthquake. And ohhhh. NZ is beautiful. To be fair, so is Australia. If you have time to visit both...

  3. Mariana - BTW, I've been meaning to say - I love your new avatar!

  4. Thanks! My daughter gave the pic to me :) I thought it was so hysterical and totally matches what's been going on at work :|

    I'm a huge fan of The Amazing Race... saw almost all seasons. Haven't had time to watch the last couple of seasons regularly, but watch when I can.