13 March 2011


I've had a number of potential posts whizzing around my head (yes, like snitches [if you've read Harry Potter that will make sense, if not...um...never mind]) of late. But none of them are fully developed, so I decided to stitch them all together and make a piecemeal post.

Saving or splurging. If you have been desperately waiting for a book (or books) and it (they) finally appear, do you read them straight away, regardless of what is on your plate or do you save them? Save them for either a time when you can focus on them to the exclusion of all else or perhaps as a reward for surviving an unpleasant event. For example, I had to spend time with two family members over the weekend. One...is who she is. Yes, spending time with her is exhausting, but...positive. Spending time with the other family member is not positive. It's...well, it's like talking to a wall. A concrete wall. Three metres thick. So, I've been saving two books (The Shattered Gates [Ginn Hale] and GhosTV [Jordan Castillo Price]) as a reward for surviving Saturday morning and also finishing The Admiral's Penniless Bride (Carla Kelly) and the three chapter sets of Traitor's Knot (Janny Wurts) that I had to read by Friday. But...is that weird? Saving the books I mean? I save lots of things for 'special occasions'. My mother did the same. (Maybe that is where I learnt it from?) I do remember her asking me once when I was young why I had put on my 'best' shorts (on Christmas Day no less - it occurs during summer here in case you're all fainting at the thought of shorts in winter :) I pointed out Christmas Day was special, but I remember her not looking convinced.

Last weekend I read Rescue Me (Scarlet Blackwell), which took me on an angst-filled roller coaster ride. And that, combined with rather a messy week family wise left me in the mood for more angst m/m. So, I spent parts of last week re-reading my favourite scenes in Keeping Promise Rock (Amy Lane) and By Degrees (JB MacDonald). I love Keeping Promise Rock. Jenre has the most amazing review of this book on GoodReads, and this sentence really stood out:
Another theme is that of family and how being part of a family can either make or destroy a person.
The family that is built in Keeping Promise Rock, and extended in Making Promises entices me. If you haven't already worked this out, family is...pretty much a dirty word for me. But the family in Keeping Promise Rock... I don't know if I could cope with the...acceptance they have for each other, but I would like to think I would make an exception...if not now then in the future. I'm trying, I'm working towards being able to do so. Does that make sense? I'm not sure why, when I am feeling so...lost at sea...I would want to read such an angst-filled book? Maybe it's because the characters come out the other side. Not whole, but...attempting to put themselves back together... And best of all, according to a GoodReads post by Amy Lane there will be two more books in the Promises series! *happy dance*

So, do you save books (or anything) for special occasions? And what are your thoughts on angst-filled books? Love them? Avoid them?


  1. Not necessarily for special occasions, but more saving a book because I've been waiting for it and if I read it, I won't have it to read anymore. Does that make any sense?!

  2. That completely makes sense. I was trying to think whether I'd done that before, but then I remembered All or Nothing :) I sat on that for quite a while, knowing it was the last Nicky & Brandon book *sob sob*

  3. I do save things--special good things, that is--when I know that difficult/trying occasions are coming.

    In the past couple of years it has happened, with more frequency than I'd like, that a book I've been waiting for arrives and...I'm just not in the mood for it. Which sucks. And not in a good way.

    Then there are those books that I seek when I'm down (whether with 'reason' or not). One of them is Morning Glory, but lately several of Ms Roberts' single titles have done the trick.

    As for angsty books, I have enjoyed them in the past (there are, in fact, several of them in my keepers) but I have to be in a specially healthy frame of mind to read them--if that makes sense.

  4. Some things I save - as a reward (similar to your story above) others I receive and plop down immediately and read. I guess it depends on my mood. My father always taught me to get the yucky stuff done first, and then reward yourself, so I find myself doing that a lot.

    ps - I need to read more Amy Lane!

  5. Hi Oriannia, im new round here. Yes i save books too, but for me its more of a prioritisation thing because i get alot of books out of the library, so when i do actually buy a book it often sits aside for awhile until i have finished all of my current library books. Also because i have spent money on it i kind of want to savor it hehe.
    so i totally get where your coming from.

  6. azteclady - I totally get dying to read a book and then not being in the mood for it when it arrives. And...I think being in the right mood for a book is really important. As for angsty books...if I'm sad/low then I delve into them as they feel cathartic and the HEA just sweeps me away. And then I crash, as I look at the HEA then look around me and... So, they work, but...

    Mandi - I do the same thing (yucky stuff first). I just don't seem to ever get through the yucky stuff. Oh, so read more Amy Lane. Have you read Keeping Promise Rock? Would you like to? I'd love to gift it to you - see what you thought? Let me know :)

    Meg - HI *waves* I do the library thing too (a lot), so I'm with you on saving your purchased books until there is a gap.

  7. I didn't used to save books, but now I definitely do. If I know I'm going to want to enjoy a book as much as possible, I'll save it for when I know I'll have a good portion of free time.

  8. heidenkind - I'm doing exactly that ATM. Saving a book for this weekend :)