17 March 2011


This was not my originally intended post. But...to write that post I need to work out just how I'm feeling ATM. (You may have noticed that of late I've been...infrequently online. I've been arguing with myself over a rather big [family-specific] decision, but more on that [she says hopefully] on the weekend.)

In late 2009 I wrote a post entitled A Rose By Any Other Name in which I ranted waxed lyrical on the three (yes, three) titles for an Allison Goodman book (Eon: DragonEye Reborn; Eon: Rise of the Dragoneye; and The Two Peals of Wisdom). The why behind the publishers' decision to release one book under three different titles still eludes me. Yes, I understand that two of the titles reflect different geographical locations, but...in the current (Internet) age all the different titles are doing is confusing readers. In the comments on this post, a number of examples were proffered, including the Outlander (US) and A Stitch in Time (UK) titles for the first book in the Outlander series (thank you azteclady).

Well, I just found another. I was reading a post last night entitled A Leaning Pile of Books written by the lovely Kristen from Fantasy CafĂ©. (I love Kristen's Leaning Pile of Books posts as I always discover new and interesting fantasy novels to add to my TBR list.) Included in the latest post was reference to a book entitled The Returning (Christine Hinwood):
The Returning, a young adult novel set in a medieval fantasy world, will be released in hardcover and as an e-book on April 14. The moment I saw this book it grabbed my attention due to the cover quote by one of my favorite young adult authors, Megan Whalen Turner.
Ohhh, I thought. I completely missed the anticipated release date and hared off to my library to see if it was listed. It wasn't, but another book entitled Blood Flower, also by Christine Hinwood, was.

I went back to Kristen's post and read the following:
Vivid, compassionate and totally absorbing, Bloodflower follows the fortunes of young Cam Attling and all those whose fates entwine with his.
Bloodflower? The Returning? Bloodflower? The Returning? So I went straight to GoodReads (and did not pass 'Go'). The only book listed for Christine Hinwood is The Returning. But, in the author summary is the following sentence:
Bloodflower is her first novel.
Bloodflower appears to be another edition...but it has to be an earlier edition (even though it's publication date [in paperback] is listed on both GoodReads and Amazon as April 2011) as, according my library, Bloodflower was published in 2009...and my library has multiple copies.

So, I'm guessing The Returning is a re-release (in conjunction with a change in format and title) of Bloodflower. But, shouldn't the publisher be clear about that? (Obviously they don't have to be [or else they would]). So, is it up to the reader to inform themselves or the publisher to disclose previous editions?

Edited to add: Happy St Patrick's Day!


  1. That's happened to me a couple of times... where I bought a book thinking it's a new release and it's just a re-release. This makes me not so happy. At least with print books you can return them, with e-books it's a bit trickier; so I'm a bit more cautious now.

    Hope all is well with you :)

  2. You know, I completely missed that the novel description referred to it by a different title until you mentioned it! I was curious, too, and it looks like it was released as Bloodflower in Australia and will be released for the first time in the US as The Returning next month from this review. I agree, that is very confusing.

    And thanks for the mention! I'm glad you enjoy the posts - it took me a while to start doing those weekly book posts but the main reason I did was in hopes that other people would find books that caught their interest. So I'm glad to hear you at least find them helpful. :)

  3. Gah, that's ridiculously confusing. O.o

    Happy St Patrick's Day to you!

  4. Mariana - it would be so easy for the publisher to clearly state that a book is a re-release IMHO. Luckily I've never had to return a book - I can't imagine how one would go about returning an eBook.

    Kristen - ahhh. If Bloodflower was released in Australia that will be why my library has it. I didn't click either, until I went searching my library's online catalogue and came up with a book that sounded the same but had a completely different title. And I do love those book posts - I'm always finding things I want to read :) And the fact that you introduced me to Sarah Monette makes you a complete star in my book *grin*

    Chris - definitely confusing. Thank you. And to you :)

  5. (You are welcome--and thank you for the mention :grin:)

    Cynical first reaction: of course the publisher won't be clear--that means people who are confused will buy the re-release thinking is a new book (just look online for rants on the topic--I have many not fond memories of re-released, re-titled old Elizabeth Lowell novels myself).

    And this is one of the many reasons I think Nora Roberts is an absolute class act--she insists that new books have a symbol/seal indicating whether they are new titles. Those books that don't have it are, by default, reprints of older works.

    On the personal front: here's sending good thoughts your way *hug*

  6. My brain can't keep up with that! If they're going to re-release it, they should at least use the same title and label it as having additions if there have been changes.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day, and I hope that internal conflict settles itself soon. *hugs*

  7. This kind of think annoys the #&%^ out of me. I'm fine w/re-releases--I think they're great, usually--but please be clear that's it's a rerelease, especially when you change the title!

  8. I am always glad when someone else loves Sarah Monette's books as much as I do! :)

    And thanks for the heads up - I updated the post so people know that this is the US release and that it has been released under a different title in Australia.

  9. azteclady - thank you (for the hugs) and you're welcome (for the mention :) I love Nora Roberts' approach. I know a lot of the problem is geographical, but...given that I can order books from the US and the UK this title/cover change is just stupid IMHO!

    Eyre - thank you :) Internal conflict....well, still there. Decision is made, it's just...enacting said decision and not sucumbing to guilt and backing down! And my brain can't keep up with it either. It took me way to long to work out :)

    heidenkind - YES! Completely agree. The publisher should make it clear.

    Kristen - I *heart* Sarah Monette. I think I will have to re-read her books... And you're very welcome (WRT the heads up :)