20 April 2011

The Dark Side

So...I'm planning a trip over to the dark side this weekend. Yes. The Dark Side. See, I picked up a non-fiction book from the library earlier this week. I did mention I was going over to the Dark Side, didn't I? So...non-fiction....scary. Not very escapist IMHO. But, the unnamed expert recommended this book - Trapped In The Mirror (Elan Golomb) - after our fraud discussion so I figured it was worth a look. I'll be interested to see what it says.

So, do you ever venture over to the dark side?


  1. Not very often. I don't enjoy reading nonfiction.

  2. Ditto *grin* Actually, this is the first in...years...lots of years :)

  3. Nah, I don't enjoy non-fiction very much either. Sometimes I have to read something for my work, but that's work you know?
    Good luck with your trip over to the Dark Side. ;D

  4. Unfortunately, I have to for school. It is dark over there.

  5. Janna - this book is kind of part of my Walkabout. So far it's been...enlightening...

    heidenkind - :( Here's hoping you have plenty of non-dark-side time!