30 April 2011

Do You Ever...

Note: I know I've used this post title recently - I was originally thinking of calling this post 'Latitude' - but...I kind of like how 'Do You Ever' rolls off the tongue *grin*

Do you ever give certain characters more latitude and others less? For example, do you ever hold one character to a different (not necessarily higher) standard than another because of circumstance, history, etc.?


  1. Any in particular? For me I seem to hold heroines to a different standard. Not WRT judging them but just whether or not I think I'd like them. Weird, huh?

  2. I was just thinking that depending on the skill of the writer and how engaged I am in the story, things about a character will bother me a lot less if I'm really engaged and a lot more if I'm not engaged or am frustrated.

  3. What Chris said. ;)

    I was trying to think of examples and the only ones which immediately came to mind had to do with the profession of the characters; ie, if they are a cop, etc.

  4. Chris - that's a really good way of looking at it. And so true. I've I'm engaged I will allow a character far more latitude.

    Kris - is being a cop good or bad? I guess it kind of depends on how the author presents them? *grin*

  5. heidenkind - an example of the latitude? Hmmm. Well, I like to be able to relate to a heroine - I need something. Certain characteristics put me off. Whereas with a hero I'm less...picky about being able to relate. But that may be because I'm female :)

  6. My reaction to characters are like my reactions in real life... if I like you, I'm more patient. If I don't like you, everything annoys me. For the most part I take the characters as they are, but every once in a while; a character will either remind me of someone or just put me off completely and I won't like them.

    That's happened to me with Breathe by Parker Sloane and The Salisbury Key by Harper Fox.