12 April 2011

The List

Next Friday is Easter Friday...and as of Easter Friday I will be on annual leave for 10 days. Yes, TEN! Because I have had my nose to the grindstone finishing the War of Light and Shadow (fantasy) series (Janny Wurts) [FYI - I am aiming to finish it by Easter Friday] and, thus, other genres have all by fallen by the wayside, I have decided to reward myself. While I may read one library book (since the signs of a traffic jam of library books in May and June is readily apparent even to me, who is oblivious to pretty much everything :) during my annual leave, the majority of books passing under my eyes are going to be m/m.

You've no doubt noticed my (very annoying) habit of commenting on GoodReads reviews and status updates with 'Oh, that sounds fantastic, I so want to read it' or something similar. And if I do (make such a comment) I so take note of the title and author of the book in question. But, that leaves me with a huge list of books. So, I thought I'd be smart and try and winnow out the top...five (or ten...one book per day in a nice round number *grin*), and focus on reading them while on annual leave. But...what are these top [insert number here]? So, here's where I need your help. If you remember me commenting that I simply had to read X, can you please remind me what X is. I'll then make a list of the books and start working my way through those next Friday. From my very poor memory I've got (in no particular order):

* Finding Zach (Rowan Speedwell)

* Paris A to Z (Marie Sexton)

* Regularly Scheduled Life (KA Mitchell) [A Christmas gift from a lovely friend - thank you ShellBell!]

* Shade of Grey (Brooke McKinley)

* The Good Thief (James Buchanan)

* Servants of the Crossed Arrows (The Rifter Part II) [Ginn Hale] (And I have my greedly little hands on it. The question is, how long will I last before reading it?)

What else should I read while on annual leave?


  1. Wow, it seems like there were a lot more... Maybe The Morning Star, the first Shadow of the Templar book?

  2. I really like your list. Those are some of my favorite books...

    Rough, Raw and Ready by Lorelei James

  3. I haven't read any of these. I'm thinking you should read the Ginn Hale book, though.

  4. Chris - I have The Morning Star on my TBR list, but perhaps not this time around. I do, however, already own The Elegant Corpse (but I haven't read it [yet another one]) so I'll add it to The List :) Thank you!

    Mariana - I own Rough, Raw and Ready. And the list is flexible, so print books and m/m/f can be included :)

    heidenkind - definitely. The question is whether I can wait until next weekend *grin*

  5. Have you read the St Nacho's books by ZA Maxfield? I can't remember. If not, you should. SO good!

    How about the Lanyon Holmes and Moriarty series. Did you read book 2, yet?

    LB Gregg's Trust Me if You Dare (Romano and Albright book 2)?

    Sounds like a great way to spend some time off! :-)

  6. Renee - I haven't read the St Nacho's books. Will make a note of those :) I was lucky enough to win both of the Holmes & Moriarity books over Xmas - I loved them. Oh - LB! That's the book I forgot to add - the first Smithfield book (I have that). And WRT Romano & Albright - I should probably read the first one first, yes? *grin*

  7. LOL! You should definitely read the first Romano & Albright first. :)

  8. I enjoyed Paris A to Z, and Finding Zach is great. I agree with Chris - the Romano & Albright books should be read in order.

    ZA Maxfield is becoming a favourite author of mine - I loved The Long Way Home, but have yet to read the St Nacho's series.

    I have just finished reading and re-reading the A Matter of Time series by Mary Calmes. I thoroughly enjoyed the books and hope there are going to be more.

  9. Chris - so noted :)

    ShellBell - I hope to read both Paris A to Z and Finding Zach this weekend. And I need to try ZA Maxfield. OMG! There are so many authors I need to try....and then no doubt glom *grin*