24 April 2011

Push Me Pull Me

So, I'm currently reading Shades of Gray (Brooke McKinley). Apart from a slow start (and the fact I keep wanting to replace the 'a' in Gray with an 'e' *grin*) I'm gripped. But...that's kind of the problem. You see, the tension in the book (and in me) is winding tighter and tighter and tighter. And so part of me wants to keep reading, and part of me wants to put the book down because I'm petrified the bad guy (and he's really bad) is going to get the upper hand and everything is going to go pear-shaped! (Hence the title :) I read a book last year with a similar premise, but there was never any 'bad guy' POV and the danger was there, but...kind of distant. In this one it's front and centre! But, weirdly, unlike Amy Lane's Keeping Promise Rock I don't want to jump to the end - I'm in a weird head space ATM. I'm on annual leave and I just feel...drained. (That's one of the reasons why I haven't been out and about online of late - sorry.)

So, can someone who has read this book please put me out of my misery and tell me whether this book has a HEA? And...I'm curious, have you ever felt push-me-pull-me about a book?


  1. I have - I usually end up putting the book down for a little bit. Actually, I had to do that a few times for KPR!

    Keep going. You know I would've put a warning in my GR's reviewette if things stayed terribly awry, right?

  2. The ending is complete satisfaction! I couldn't put it down at all... for all I was tense reading it, I NEEDED to know they was a HEA :)

  3. Chris - I did keep going (and I did remember your review and the lack of anything arwy being mentioned so)....and that last chapter...WOW!

    Mariana - definitely a satisfactory ending. And...a realistic one IMHO. Fantastic book!

  4. I might have to keep an eye out for this book.

  5. ShellBell - it's a great book IMHO! Character driven, which I love, but the plot played a role as well. Can you tell I'm a fan gal? *grin*