08 May 2011


Do you ever have days when you avoid going online? When you just can't face all the....(for want of a better word) noise? When you just want to shut out everything and curl up with a good book (or an old [or new] favourite TV series or movie) and just...vegetate?

That's what I've felt like this weekend. I guess I could call it apathy, but I just feel...blank. So, I curled up with Cold Magic and I've been watching Friday Night Lights - Taylor Kitsch is just....well, you be the judge.

So, apologies for me for...not being around, for not visiting. Hopefully I'll be back 'bright-eyed and bushy tailed' from tomorrow.


  1. Aww. I hope your semi-offline vacation is restorative!

    I do feel like that occasionally, altho even then I do keep an eye on my email because staying offline entirely would leave me missing my friends. :)

  2. That sounds like a great weekend! :)

  3. Chris - thank you :) It was actually. I do feel like I...relaxed a little bit yesterday. I guess I just felt...overwhelmed with everything and so decided to have some time out. Hopefully back to blog hopping tonight and the rest of the week :)

    heidenkind - *thinks* It was, thank you :)

  4. Absolutely! Like Chris, I still keep an eye on my email, but I do take breaks from connecting. I think it's perfectly normal and it's good to practice disconnecting for when you have no choice! LOL (power failure, crashed computer, internet, etc.. ). ;)

    Hope you had a restful weekend.

  5. Christine - I like the idea of calling it a practice for when there is no choice :) It was more a restful Sunday, but...it was good (and necessary). Sometimes I get so wound up over keeping on top of everything...

  6. Glad you enjoyed your break! :-)