04 May 2011

C Is For...


Why am I thinking about cake? Well...I should lay blame squarely where it is due - at the feet of Chris and Kris! (And what lovely feet they are *grin*) If they hadn't shamelessly displayed photos of said pictured monstrosity (and yes Kris I know you haven't done it recently, but I can still picture those photos from your trip last year) I wouldn't be so obsessed with trying it!

C is also for challenge! OK, please bear with me. (Famous last words - you so know I'm taking you all on a mad-dash hike through the weird connections in my brain, right?) See, last night I was watching Undercover Boss (yes, it screens here and I like to have the TV on while I'm wandering around the Internet, which is how I ended up watching it), specifically, the Mack trucks episode. And watching all those trucks got me to thinking about trucks (as you do)...which led me to Heidi Cullinan's Special Delivery, which I read at the end of last year.

Earlier this year I used the word (un)comfortable to describe how Special Delivery left me feeling. What I realized last night was that I also should have used the word challenged. Because that's exactly what it did. It challenged me - challenged my convictions, challenged how I view relationships and...expanded my view. I'm not saying what works for Sam works for me, but...I never would have believed a few years ago that I would ever read (and enjoy...definitely enjoy *evil grin*) m/m romance, so...who knows? And now more than ever I want to read Double-Blind and challenge myself anew...

I don't think one can read such books all the time, but...I'm curious - what book has challenged you recently?


  1. And I started posting red velvet cake links because of Tam and Kris... So it all comes back to Kris, really. :)

    Special Delivery and Double Blind definitely challenged me, in pretty much the same way they did you. The books about Zach and Angelo in Marie Sexton's Coda series. Angel & the Assassin, because while the daddy/boy relationship isn't uncommon among gay men, it's one I struggle with.

  2. That looks like some seriously nommy cake!

    I haven't been challenged lately--I feel like I'm living in survival mode right now, it's a challenge just to make it to the next day. Sorry!

  3. KB - I know! Doesn't it look....YUM?

    Chris - *grin* Kris is everywhere :) To be honest, I'm really surprised with how much I enjoyed Special Delivery. I think it's because Sam's POV was very clearly shown, so I understood what worked for him. And yes, Zach and Angelo's relationship was also challenging, but like Heidi Cullinan, Marie Sexton wrote their POV, especially Zach's, very well IMHO. And...again, I understood why it worked for them. I was reading some of the GoodReads reviews for Angel & the Assassin....hmmm. Not sure sure about the use of the word 'Daddy', but...I suppose it would be a challenge. Double-Blind first thought - now I have tried Heidi Cullinan I have a more faith :)

    heidenkind - *nods enthusiastically* I'm so sorry to hear about the survival mode - I hope things improve soon. *hugs*

  4. Heidi is one of those authors (like Marie Sexton and Amy Lane) who can really, REALLY write. Y'know?

  5. Umm.. what did you say? My mind is still on cake...

    I was recently challenged by the book Still Life With Husband because it was about infidelity. Why would I chose to read a book for fun about an affair, right? But I went ahead and read it for the sake of the book club. Thankfully the author was a skilled writer and I was actually able to enjoy it. Thankfully she wrote a realistic ending that was not sugar coated, so that I could live with myself for enjoying it so much. lol

  6. Mmm...caaake...

    The first book that comes to mind is Jackie Morse Kessler's YA novel, Hunger, about an anorexic girl who is tasked with being 1 of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Famine. A harrowing book, but really good!

  7. Heidi is one of those authors (like Marie Sexton and Amy Lane) who can really, REALLY write. Y'know

    *nods* You've just listed three of my favourite m/m authors. They write...emotion so well. *thinks* It's kind of funny that that's what I love about them considering how much of an emotional...void I am :)

    Christine - LOL! I can't wait to try that cake at some point. It..calls to me :) I remember your post about Still Life With Husband. Your post and your review (great review BTW)...really challenged me...challenged me to perhaps give the book a go. I'm still on the fence ATM, but you never know :)

    Renee - *grin* I have Hunger on my TBR list. It sounds amazing!