27 May 2011

Down The Rabbit Hole

My brain works in kind of a weird way. I...flit (for want of a better word) from one subject to another, the links often tenuous (but making complete sense to me). So, while I may start talking about subject A, my brain will then flit from B through D and then I'll start talking about E. Now, I know the links between A and E, and those people who have got used to my way of thinking can follow the pattern (thank you all), but occasionally even I end up in weird places. For example...

Last night I was blog hopping (as you do). One blog I visited (I'm not sure if they would like to be linked to me or not...or if they care either way, but for the interim I'll leave them their anonymity) had posted YouTube videos of the US band 30 Seconds To Mars. 'That name rings a bell' I thought, so I scanned down the list of videos until I reached the last, entitled 'From Yesterday'. And that also rang a bell, as did the frozen video image. So, I watched it. And the reason why it rang a bell is because I had caught part of the shortened music video last year on TV and thought 'Ohhhhh!' (because this song so gives me goose bumps!) So, for your viewing pleasure...and please make a note of checking out the video at 7.45 minutes for some 'extra' eye candy *grin*

Oh, and I've requested the CD the above song was released on from the library (for research purposes - I'm thorough :)

From Yesterday reminds me of a song by another band, Finnish this time, that I discovered while living in the UK. Called The Rasmus. And this is that song:

And yes, those are feathers in the lead singer's hair.

Anyway, back to 30 Seconds From Mars...and the lead singer. Wikipedia is deadly dangerous when one falls down the rabbit hole of...teenage (because I can't really apply anything adult to this :) obsession. Jared Leto isn't just a singer/songwriter. He's also an actor. So I went looking to see what he had been in...I did mention I was thorough *grin* And, it turns out he's been in quite a bit, including Alexander. (Yes, that movie with the Irish-sounding Macedonians and Angelina Jolie [sorry Starfire, still not a fan]). And he plays Hephaestion, who according to Wikipedia was beloved of Alexander. And if you can remember the image from 7.45 minutes into the music video, my first thought was...I could so see him in a m/m romance. And then Alexander fell into my lap...well, not exactly. It *blushes* has been requested from the library...along with A Beautiful Lie (so I can listen to From Yesterday and all the other songs and decide whether to purchase it).

And then I realized. I started in Ancient China and (via...Victorian England?) ended up in Ancient Greece. Quite a trip down the rabbit hole if you ask me *grin* And all of this has reminded me that I never started posting my travel posts. So I will be rectifying that next month. You have been warned *grin*

So, where has following things led you of late?


  1. It's been interesting to watch him build a fan base via festival. Creative guys - once they brought a bin of ice cream sandwiches and started yelling Free Ice Cream. It was quite hot, so as people approached the stage they threw them the treats, which led to a rush, which led to the beginning of their set, which led to people who were just arriving running to see why everyone was running.

  2. My brain works similarly. I like to call it being a nonlinear or tangential thinker. :)

  3. I didn't know Jared Leto was in Alexander! But then I haven't seen that movie, so there you go.

  4. Meoskop - I feel like such an idiot for only discovering the song and the band last week. (Sometimes I think I live in a locked box!) And I've fallen...hard! OK, the ice cream idea is really clever! Sometimes humans are lemmings :)

    Chris - LOL! I like that. The funny thing is, I never do it with anything important :)

    heidenkind - neither did I, but he is. I'm borrowing it from the library so am looking forward to drooling...I mean watching *grin* this weekend :) He's also been in Panic Room and American Psycho...

  5. Thank you for the good read!! Enjoyed reading your post ^_^