16 May 2011

From The Middle

The middle of where I'm not exactly sure...

So, the healthy eating plan hasn't been that...healthy of late. And when I say 'of late' I mean the last 12 months. I saw the nutritionist today and I'm ~7.5 kg (~17 lb) off my target goal weight of 57.5 kg (126.5 lb). Yes, that is a backwards step of ~7.5 kg from this time last year :( In an effort to be proactive, I attempted to go back on the healthy eating plan today (before seeing the nutritionist). And this lasted all of a few hours. Oh, I stuck to the food side (mostly). But it's my nemesis - Coca Cola - that dragged me off into the woods and...ravished me. As I mentioned in One Day At A Time, Coca Cola is the highlight of my day. *shakes head* It's not good when the highlight of one's day is a soft drink. So, I have some homework - to discover what makes me feel good and do more of that. And I have no idea where to start. So, if you don't mind me asking...what makes you feel good? (FYI - the nutritionist and I agreed on one can of Coca Cola a day, starting tomorrow, and lots of walking. *crossing fingers*)

ATM I'm currently plodding along reading Radiant Shadows (Melissa Marr). And plodding is how it feels. (It's so a me thing.) Unlike Ink Exchange (the second book in the series) and even Wicked Lovely (the first book), I'm just not very engaged with most of the characters. I just keep wanting to flick until my favourite characters come back on the page. Am I the only person who wants to follow certain characters exclusively?

I'm about to start working my way through my grandmothers' (maternal and paternal) and my mother's recipe books, selecting those recipes I would like to keep before handing the books over to a family member. One recipe I will definitely make sure to copy is my paternal grandmother's liqueur ice-cream. I'm not sure if one can be drunk in charge of a bowl of ice-cream, but I wouldn't put anything past this ice-cream *grin* So, I'm curious, do you have/use any family members' recipes?


  1. I SO need to get off my butt and get exercising again. *sigh* Would audiobooks help inspire you to walk?

  2. Healthy eating takes so much thought! lol I've been trying to do this myself and it's not easy. It's so much "easier" to just grab and go or not have to think about calorie content, etc. But I feel so much better when I eat healthy meals that I find it's worth the extra effort. My "thing" is diet coke so luckily there aren't any calories to worry about. :)

    I read Wicked Lovely but not the others after that. I have book 2, I should probably pick it up. I think I stalled out knowing that book 2 wasn't about the characters in book 1 that I loved so much.

    The recipe that I have - that has been verbally passed down - is my grandmother's spaghetti recipe. NOT low cal or low fat AT ALL but oh, so good! It was a depression era recipe and they could make everything themselves or get it for very little money. If you want it, email me. Of course this goes against "healthy" eating but if it's a special occasion... :)

  3. Cheeseburgers and chicken biscuits are my downfall.

    My doctor has me one a new diet that has been working well for me because it doesn't really require me to cook. I live alone, and I hate cooking for just me. I lost seven pounds last week; however, I had a bad morning Saturday and wound up scarfing down the chicken biscuit.:(

    I'm trying to walk more, but so far I haven't been very vigilant.

  4. Chris - I actually went for a walk this afternoon. I just missed the rain! I've never tried to listen to an audiobook before. To be honest, I don't listen to music while I walk - I'm saving up for an iPod Shuffle :) I wonder if I could put audiobooks on that? Something to definitely think about for those longer walks - thank you! And good luck with your exercise :)

    Tracy - so true that healthy eating takes more thought than 'grab and go'! (Love that phrase BTW :) I think you're doing so well! WRT the Melissa Marr series, the second book is actually my favourite - it's very dark, but...I liked that about it. And oh I'm drooling over the thought of spaghetti. I'll so email - thank you! And can I say I love that one recipe has been in your family for so long - it's fantastic!

    Eyre - chicken biscuits? *races to Google* Ahhh. They haven't maed it here yet :) So glad to hear that the new diet it working well for you - YAH! And congrats on the 7 pounds - that is *calculates* - ~3kg! WOW! Sorry to hear about the bad Saturday morning. I think the trick with healthy eating plans is to not give yourself grief over the occasional lapse, but get back on the bike :) Good luck with the diet and with the walking - hopefully the warmer weather will help?

  5. Coca-Cola is my Jack Daniels. I only drink it when I really need a pick-me-up.

    I just finished Ink Exchange on audiobook! It was very interesting. I'm trying to figure out how to write want I want to about it without plot spoilers.

  6. heidenkind - I really look forward to hearing what you think of Ink Exchange. It is my favourite in the series. It's very, very dark. The author and I had a lovely conversation once about how dark it was :)

  7. Oh, you and me, both. I lost 30 lbs (13.6 kg) last year and have been stuck at my current weight for months. I admit that after a year, I got really tired of tracking every single effin' calorie that went past my lips or I burned in exercise, but IT WORKED. So just TODAY I started being diligent about tracking it all again. I want to lose 20 lbs. (9 kg) more to be at my ideal weight. It might be more like 15 lbs... I'll have to see what it's like when I get there before I decide I'm there.

    What makes me feel good? Besides sex? ;P EXERCISE. omg my mind and body has gotten so used to daily exercise that I not only get cranky if I miss a day, but I literally feel my body crave it. Unfortunately I also feel my body crave ice cream.... LOL. I'm working on that. :/

    I just keep wanting to flick until my favourite characters come back on the page.
    I do that too. It's a bad habit because sometimes I spoil stuff for myself. *facepalm*