31 May 2011

The Thin Red Line

So...if you managed to wade your way through the entirety of Down The Rabbit Hole then you have probably worked out that I am the teeniest bit...obsessed sounds like such a harsh word, so something a bit less than that...with Jared Leto and 30 Seconds To Mars. In the best possible way of course *grin* And as you do when you...fall down the rabbit hole, you Google! And in doing so it struck me as to just how much information is actually out 'there'...

When I was a teenager - OK, so I was not a normal teenager and didn't have the walls of my bedroom covered with posters of Duran Duran for example (like my cousin) [and by walls I mean walls, as in all of them] - there were posters and cassette tapes (remember those, or am I just showing my age?) and...that was about it. Oh, and the odd music video show (here it was Ready to Roll). Now though, there is the Internet, which means the music videos and interviews are online and readily available. And then there is Facebook and Twitter and Blogger and LiveJournal and WordPress etc. and...it's like a stalker's paradise! And yes a celebrity, such as a rock star, will court his or her public. In a way, it is part of the...job description - to be available to the adoring masses. But the problem is that somewhere along the way we have become an 'I want more and I want it now' society. It's like (please forgive me Charles Dickens) Oliver Twist on LSD. We're voracious. And with so much information online where do we draw a line? The line where a person's (celebrity or other)...public face ends and their privacy starts? And how can one enforce that when they are surrounded by people who want to know more and by others who want to share more because it will enhance the bottom line?

I guess what I'm trying to say is...I feel slightly uncomfortable with what is available at my fingertips. Yes I want to know more, whether it be about a particular celebrity - be still my beating heart - or someone who I have grown to know online, but...I don't want to ever forget that the person I am interested in learning more about is just that...a person. And just like I have days when all the endless pressure and constant requests becomes too much and I just want some space, I figure so do they. I just hope that in all of my correspondence I remember where that line is.



  1. Hmmm. Well, I think the majority of people (like yourself) don't go too far in gathering information about other people. That information was always available, just perhaps less conveniently available. I mean, just because I've googled "Christopher Gorham abs" on more than one *cough* occasion, that doesn't make me a stalker! Right?


  2. I know what you mean. Interestingly, I never even think of googling my friends, and I'm ok with that.

  3. heidenkind - *grin* Ummmm, if I mention that I don't know who Christopher Gorham is, but if I promise to 'Google with intent' like right now will you forgive me? And no, it so doesn't make you a stalker *hand on heart*

    Chris - interestingly, I don't Google friends either. Just...Jared Leto *grin* And then it is mainly YouTube that I'm watching - and I so haven't even begun to touch the surface...YAH! *bouncing*

  4. I get you - I love "stalking" my fav singers online or going on facebook to see old friends..but I'm cautious about what is out there about me too...so weird to have this access!

  5. Arrrgg - blogger is screwing with me!

    Ok - so let me recreate my comment. lol

    I think this is why I have a facebook account but don't go on there often. I just don't feel the need to know what all of my friends are doing ALL of the time. Twitter as well. I do have my moments when I get on twitter but I lurk every once in a while. lol

    I just read a book where a guy took a job that he had no clue how to do. He would look everything up on the internet and find it all - including how to do laundry and make a pot of coffee. lol

  6. Tracy: I read that book! :)

  7. Mandi - I'm so glad it's not just me...'stalking' :) And I agree, it is weird to have so much access!

    Tracy - Blogger should leave you alone! I will have stern words with it! I have a Facebook account, but under my RL name, but I don't get there often either. It just...feels weird letting everyone know what I'm up to. And, I saw a really scary Criminal Minds episode about social networking, so I'm doubly cautious. Sounds like one mad book! What was it called please?

    Chris - good?

  8. orannia: Trying to remember - it wasn't great, but wasn't bad, if I remember correctly... but I can't remember the title or author at the moment, so I can't check.

  9. The book was Keeping House by Lee Brazil. A pretty short novella that was good but not wonderful. It was too short to really explore the men to any degree and they fell in love super fast - never my fav.

    The whole social networking thing scares me mostly when it comes to my oldest daughter. As much as we have told her about "friending" people I'm sure she still lets people onto her account that she shouldn't. Who knows who those people are?

    And....blogger still won't work. It logs me in and the comment says anonymous...but then won't actually post. Arg! lol

  10. Chris - no worries :) It was...ho hum?

    Tracy - thank you! Ahhh, insta luv. Not my fav either. Sorry to hear blogger is driving you mad. Have you upgraded to IE9?