10 May 2011

Upstairs Downstairs

I'm currently watching the first episode of Downton Abbey. I love period dramas! My work colleagues and I were discussing our love of period dramas last week...and what we learnt from them. For example, one colleague has recently watched North & South with the rather attractive Richard Armitage.

*attempts not to get distracted*

And all of this led us to ponder over where linen came from.

And it got me to thinking about why I like period dramas. I like the scheming for one. Manners and societal standing were everything, so while everyone was unfailingly polite on the outside, underneath the surface schemes and manoeuvring were afoot! I like the idea of going to a ball...as long as one could dance and wasn't a wallflower. Which leads me to Nine Rule To Break When Romancing A Rake, because IIRC one of the things on Lady Calpurnia's list was to dance every dance at a ball. I like that idea (but then I love to dance). And I quite like the idea of dressing up for a ball (although the jury is still out on stays). And...the romance!

So, I'm curious - regardless of whether you read m/f or m/m (or both), what is it that you like (or don't like) about period dramas?

Edited to add: Great minds obviously think alike! At the lovely and very talented KatieBab's Babbling About Books, and More is a guest post by Vanessa Kelly on why we love historical romances.


  1. Erm... will you still talk to me if I confess to not particularly liking period dramas or historical romances?

  2. I like the costumes, for one. I also think it's easier for me to suspend disbelief with a historical than a contemporary novel.

  3. I watched the first 2 episodes of Downtown Abbey and I am hooked! I need moar!! :P

  4. Oh I LOVE period dramas. The scheming - YES! The more subtle romance. The witty banter. I'm swooning as I type.

    Downtown Abby is FAB!!!

    So is Mr. Armitage up there ;)

  5. Chris - of course! That's the great thing about friendship :)

    heidenkind - the costumes are gorgeous! And I hear you on suspending disbelief. I'm far more picky in contemporaries, maybe because I feel I know more about them :)

    KB - I'm hooked too, and I've only seen one episode so far! Definitely moar *grin*

    Mandi - me too! The witty banter! How could I have forgotten that? Oh, and the swooning.

  6. I'm with Chris... I think I read them so much in high school, I'm not as drawn to it anymore. I'm more of a contemporary fan.

  7. Mariana - fair call :) I'm what one would call a flicker...as in I flick from one genre to another :)