06 June 2011

Another New Toy

I was slightly naughty this weekend...I splurged! I don't splurge all that often; it's just not really in my nature. (I like to analyse things to the nth degree and then make a decision. Plus, splurging on me always leaves me feeling slightly....guilty. Like I shouldn't.) But...since the death of my iPod Mini (remember those?) shortly after I moved back to NZ from the UK I've been without music while exercising. Yes, technically I could have used my iPhone, but it's not really the easiest device to walk/run (or in my case alternate walking with very small bouts of jogging :) with. Being that it is a long weekend here (to celebrate the Queen's Birthday [which BTW is actually not today]) there are a few sales on. And it just so happens that a certain store had the following device for sale....so I bought one of these.

Yes, I am now the proud owner of an iPod Shuffle. A blue one! I was a little concerned about how it and my iPhone would work together (as in on one computer), but...so far so good. And...I tried it this morning (the iPod Shuffle). O. M. G. The songs were so clear. Crystal clear. ATM I've only got songs I thought I might like to run to on it - I've since taken a few off - and it was brilliant. And then this song came on and I felt like I could run for ever...

I almost want to go for another walk just to try it again!

So, what was the latest gadget/toy you bought? And...how are you finding it? It is all that it said on the packaging?


  1. Um. Wow, I can't remember what the most recent gadget I bought was. Maybe it was the car stereo I bought last fall, after suffering through a year of no car stereo when the original died. Anyway, I love that car stereo - I went from AM/FM/weather band/cassette to AM/FM/cd (haven't used)/usb stick (haven't used)/external jack (have definitely used with my mp3 player). I know I'll miss the weather band radio when I travel, but I think I have a hand crank one somewhere that I could take...

    Rambling! :)

  2. Chris - that sounds like one great car stereo. (I love all the extras!) I sure couldn't surive without mine! Weather band? A radio station that just talks about t)he weather? I guess considering all the tornadoes etc. it is kind of a necessity?

  3. Weather band radio is from the National Weather Service. It's automated, so you have these artificial voices reading the weather. It's great for traveling because you don't have to try finding a local radio station with the weather - it's always there.

    I first realized how handy it was for travel when I was in the Black Hills (which are actually smallish mountains) - the weather in the mountains REALLY changes fast. (I was hiking in sunshine, then was in a hailstorm within 15 minutes of getting off the mountain and into the car.)

  4. I can imagine that would be handy. It's not so big here, and...I don't think the weather is as extreme. The Black Hills? And is Dakota? Sunshine to hailstorm? YIKES!

  5. I bought one of those for my mom and someone stole it. :(

  6. Chris - WOW! That is one temperature rise and fall! Scary! You'd have to leave the house with...everything but the kitchen sink to ensure you were covered for every weather!

    heidenkind - oh no! Some people are....GRRRR!

  7. I'm SO glad to see you splurged on yourself. You should do it more often. :D

    My husband spoils me rotten with electronic type gadgets, so I never by them for myself. He gave me my first iPod in Oct. 2003 and I didn't even know what it was when I opened the package. lol! The first iPod was released on the market in Nov. 2001 by the way.

    I do have to buy my own kitchen gadgets, though... and I am in desperate need of a hand mixer.

    I use my iPhone when I run. I admit it is cumbersome to hold.. but I have a handy dandy arm band thingy and a specific play list for running that I switch up now and then so I don't have to touch my iPhone when I'm exercising. But those little shuffles are so portable--great for exercise. And you can change the music using the little button thingy on the earphone wire, right? SO convenient.

    But most importantly... what color did you get??

    Enjoy! :)

  8. buy*

    grrr! hate stupid typos like that. lol

  9. Adorable in blue! Gave one as a b-day gift to a special kid this year, also in blue. I just posted on my latest splurge. I think the iPod is more in the necessary category. food, medical insurance, ipod. (housing optional)

  10. Christine - I don't know if this sounds weird, but...it's so hard to splurge on oneself. Although maybe that's just me :) So, will you be splurging on a hand mixer in the near future? *grin* I just couldn't use my iPhone - I'd be petrified of dropping it or thumping against something - I'm a terrible clutz! I've just got one playlist on my Shuffle, so it will just play certain songs, but I love how easy it is to move forward or back a song. I just need to work out what to do with the seemingly endless cords! Oh, and it's blue :)

    Meoskop - it is, isn't it? I had to go a bit further to get one, but...it was so worth it *grin* Oh! Off to see your latest splurge. And...considering how much I love the sound - Jared Leto is so clear - I definitely think it is a 'necessary' :)