30 June 2011

Author Fan Letter Blog Crawl 2011

Found at: three am

For the second year in a row, the very talented Kassa from three am has organized the Author Fan Letter Blog Crawl. I was so honoured to be asked to participate again this year and have been discovering some fantastic authors through all the wonderful letters I've read to date!

Yesterday, we discovered Lauren Dane thanks to the lovely Bridget Locke from Reading, Writing, and Life...Oh My! (Why I haven't read any of Lauren Dane's books before now I don't know, but that is so going to change!) Today, it's my turn. Welcome to the 30 June stop in the Author Fan Letter Blog Crawl 2011... And don't forget to visit the lovely Nicola O. from Alpha Heroes tomorrow for her author letter!

Dear Amy Lane,

When Kassa first contacted me about the Author Fan Letter Blog Crawl 2011 my mind leapt straight to you. No doubt, no hesitation, just certainty. And while I could wax lyrical (for hours) about your wonderful characterisation and the fact that you are so the queen of angst (and thus one invariably requires a box of tissues when reading any of your books), I think I will focus on just one thing.

Your books, at their heart, are about love and family. About trust and faith. About opening your heart to the possibility that somewhere...you belong. So, while Keeping Promise Rock (the first of your books I ever read) was a love story between Deacon & Crick (oh how I love thee), it was, for me, a revelation. Until I read it my view on family was...bleak (to say the least). I never thought that one could have a family not of blood but of choice. A family in which everyone is accepted for who they are, in which unconditional love and support is a constant not a fantasy. And a family in which one's soul is not smothered and strangled into silence.

You have given me hope that such families can be...and that no matter what everyone deserves one. Everyone. And for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

orannia x

PS In just over one week the third book in the Promises series - Living Promises - is to be released. More time with the family I have grown to wish was my own. I can't wait!


  1. Fantastic letter, Orannia. I love that aspect of Amy's books too. I'm really looking forward to Living Promises!

  2. A short but oh so powerful letter, Orannia! I can't agree with you more! I heart this authors books, so far, every single time. I am lucky to have family by blood and by choice, giving and sharing all they have and are. All I can say is I truly wish you'll find your own someday as well!!

    Counting the days until Living Promises!

  3. Beautiful beautiful letter Orannia. Very sweet and touching. Amy does have that core of family in her books, even if no one is genetically related. :-)

  4. I kind of want to cry! What a beautiful letter Orannia. So very true, as I'm a big fan of Amy Lane as well. I can't wait for the third promises book and I simply adore your comments about family.

    I'm totally biased but this is one of my favorite letters of the crawl. Thank you!

  5. What a beautiful letter, orannia! :)

  6. Dear Orannia--

    I'm so very very honored. I can't imagine a better thing to do with my writing than to open someone to the possibility of love. It makes me extraordinarily happy to know I've touched your heart. (And I really hope you like Living Promises, too:-)

    Thank you for the lovely letter,

    Amy Lane

  7. I love your letter, orannia! It's beautiful and you're so right about the love and family aspect of Ms Lane's books. I just finished Talker's Redemption this morning and the family of choice plays an important role in it. Have you read it yet? I cried when Aunt Lyndie was humming a song for Talker...

  8. Wonderful letter, Orannia! Beautifully said. :)

  9. I absolutely 100% agree with you. I love reading Amy's stories too. Beautiful letter, Orannia!

  10. Yay! Orannia, you're 100% correct and she's the Tear Jerker Queen of the world ;) Her books touch the very heart of life and love.

  11. I still consider myself a m/m "newbie" I've read less than 20 books, I think, and Amy Lane's name comes up a lot as a recommendation. Great letter!

  12. i cant believe i havent heard of Amy Lane before i shall have to give these books a try! but ive definitely experienced that eye opening experience when something on a written page can so affect your outlook on life, it's an amazing feeling and you so captured that here. great letter!

  13. Lovely letter Orianna! I've heard so much about Ms. Lane's work but have not read any of her books yet. Your letter has certainly inspired me to consider picking up one of her stories.

    Thanks for sharing!

  14. Jenre - thank you :) I am so looking forward to Living Promises - the summary has so wetted my appetite *grin*

    Leontine - *grin* I normally ramble on and on and on, so it was nice to keep it (the letter) short and sweet :) And thank you! I hope so too.

    Tam - thank you! I love that core theme of family!

    Kassa - ohhhhh! Reading your comment had me fighting back the tears! Thank you so much. I'm so touched!

  15. Chris - thank you :)

    Amy Lane - *attempts to breathe* Amy Lane wrote a comment. SQUEEE! Sorry. Normal programming resuming :) Thank you SO much for commenting - it means the world to me!

    Janna - thank you! Talker's Redemption had me in tears. It's an amazing book, and definitely one that displays that Amy's core theme of family so well IMHO!

    heidenkind - thank you :)

  16. Lily - ohhh, thank you. I love Amy Lane's books. Each one touches me.

    ...and she's the Tear Jerker Queen of the world ;)

    Mariana - LOL! Thank you :)

    Patti - I still feel like a m/m newbie. So many books still to read. Definitely try Amy Lane's books. She writes the most amazing books. If you didn't want to start with one of the longer books, try Talker (it's a novella :)

    LR - thank you! Like I said to Patti, Amy Lane's books are amazing and definitely worth reading IMHO :)

    Lea - I hope you get the chance to try Amy Lane's books at some point. Thank you so much for the comment :)