19 June 2011


So, I was blog hopping earlier today, and went via Tam's Reads - all the best for the release of Winterlude Tam! - and noticed (and read) a post entitled Finally Friday.

In it, Tam mentioned her kidlet's written driving test. And that got me to reminiscing about when I learnt to drive. I remember my actual (practical) driving test. It was Christmas Eve...last test of the day. The driving examiner (is that their correct title?) wanted to set me at ease (I was petrified of failing and then having to tell my father), so kept telling me to drive over roundabouts or to skid round them. (It didn't help...and no I didn't - go over them or skid round them.) And then he got me to stop....for ice cream! (It was a hot Christmas Eve.) With the stop, we took twice as long as we were meant to! And then when we got back and he asked me if I thought I had passed I said 'No'. And he's like 'Sorry to disappoint you....(my heart almost stopped)...but you did'. PHEW!
Upon receiving my restricted licence (meaning I could drive myself only or drive others if one of them had a full licence) I had to take my father out and about (as his illness was preventing him from driving safely...not that that actually stopped him from driving for quite a while longer). I was so petrified about what he might say that I said I would only drive him if he didn't say anything to me at all (apart from directions). So he grabbed a pen and some paper...and had written a swear word before I'd even turned the key! Luckily, he didn't teach me to drive. For that I will always be grateful. A friend of family at the time was a driving instructor, and lessons with her were augmented with lessons with my paternal grandfather (who also taught my mother to drive - my father did start teaching her to drive, but he had to patience [no surprise]).

Once I became confident (with driving) my father used to ask me to drive him somewhere and then a few months later make me drive back - alone - with no map. Luckily, I've always been good at remembering where I've been :)

So, any stories on learning to drive you would like to share? No scaring Tam though!


  1. Dang. Before you even turned the key?!!

    I don't remember much about learning to drive - I took driver's ed through my high school. It was during the summer, and I do remember biking there and back each day - it was 14 miles roundtrip (we lived on a farm in the country).

    My driving test was memorable - the testing guy had buzzed off hair and wore one of those olive drab military trenchcoats, belted at the waist. Very intimidating! I failed the test. When he signed my scoresheet, he signed it "Spike." Eeep. (Passed the second time, with a different tester!)

    When my brother had his learner's permit and needed practice driving, my dad paid me to ride with my brother. My dad was making my brother nervous, as he'd get in the car and grab the hail-Mary handle with one hand and brace the other on the dash before the car was even moving.

  2. My parents hired a driving instructor for me. It was pretty uneventful. My dad still gets nervous when he rides with me, though. I remember one time about a year ago when I went over a bump/curve and we flew up in air. ^_^ He was like, "WHY DON'T YOU DRIVE A LITTLE FASTER TO MAKE IT MORE ENTERTAINING????!!!?!?!"

  3. Chris - YUP! In the learning to drive is dealt with through the schools, not privately? Interesting :) What a long trip you had to take to get to that class each day! OK, your first driving tester...I would have been completely intimidated! I do think it hilarious your father paid you to ride with your brother. Sorry, but boys and cars...

    heidenkind - your father said that? Please tell me you said 'OK, Dad'? *grin* I've come to the conclusion over several...if I say decades I'll feel old...that some people are just not meant to be passangers...am thinking of two family members of mine :)