23 June 2011

Meet & Greet

I have news! I am...finally...going to meet one of my favourite authors! Yes, the wonderful, amazingly talented, Nalini Singh is having a 'meet & greet' here in Auckland (at one of the local libraries) and my lovely friend Kerry (from Saving My Sanity) and I are going to meet her! I think Kerry has meet Nalini before, but I haven't and I'm very excited. I'm also rather nervous...so any advice you could give me on meeting a favourite author (and how not to act like a gushing stalker) would be very gratefully received!

And on a completely different note - Top Chef All Stars (Season 8) is currently playing here. And earlier this week Episode 10 - the cookie episode - was screened. I've haven't laughed so much in ages, particularly when Cookie Monster decided the tablecloth looked appetizing, so I thought you might like to watch a bit. I grew up watching Sesame Street...and watching this episode brought back so many great memories. I went into work the next day and my work colleagues and I were talking - and laughing - about it at morning tea. Cookie Monster was always one of my favourite characters...so was Oscar.

So, did you ever watch Sesame Street and, if so, who was(were) your favourite character(s)?


  1. My favorite Sesame Street character was Grover. He was so funny.

  2. Wow, amazing that you're going to meet Nalini Singh!! My advice was going to be 'don't act like a gushing stalker', heh. But no idea how you do that. ;) And, actually, why the heck not?! Maybe she loves gushing stalkers, lol!

  3. Oh, have fun!! Nalini seems like an absolute sweetheart. :)

    I was very fond of Aloysius Snuffleupagus. :)

  4. Chris - thank you :) She does, doesn't she *grin* Ohhhh, Mr Snuffleupagus! *snuggle*

  5. Have a great time meeting Nalini!

    Like heidenkind, I always had a soft spot for the furry little blue monster, Grover. :-)

  6. Renee - thank you :) Ohhh, Grover! He's lovely!