16 June 2011

Under Pressure

With a title like that I should have included a photo of Queen, yes?

Do you ever feel...under pressure to read a book? Under pressure because someone is waiting for you to read it? And not because they will be borrowing said book after you (either directly or indirectly) but because they want to discuss it? But what if you aren't in the right frame of mind for that particular book ATM? What do you do?


  1. Um, yes!! That's why I usually don't accept review requests... but I did, and now I'm out of sorts. I'm reading a lot of books that I know aren't going to be very good reads, because I'd hate to try to read something good in the mood I'm in...

  2. Chris - there's nothing worse that trying to read a book you think might be good, especially if someone has lent it to you and therefore is waiting your response, when you're just in the wrong head space. Fingers crossed you're feeling better (and ready to read those good books :) soon! *hugs)

    heidenkind - *nods* See, I'd like to do that, but...mostly I'm a wuss :( Working on that though :)

  3. Right now I'm feeling that. And, it's not about picking up a book to read, but finishing one. It's by an author I really like, and know (superficially) from blogs/twitter, etc. Normally, I'd just dnf and move on. (The book just isn't working for me.) But, I feel like I should at least finish and give it a grade. It's that feeling of obligation. Which makes me feel like the back of my throat is itchy. So, I slog on. *sigh*

  4. Renee - I so hear you on the feeling obligating. I have a favourite author, but am not feeling the genre she writes in, and haven't since late last year. Plus, she has released a book that I'm really not sure about. So, I'm avoiding her books until I'm more in the mood - I don't want to not like her books (if that makes sense?).

    All the best with the book - I hope you finish it soon and can move on to something that makes you feel like dancing rather than leaving the beack of your throat itchy.