03 July 2011

Books 2011: June Update

Total to date: 54 books (five books this month: fantasy [two books]; historical suspense [one book]; m/m [two books])

The 2011 Support Your Local Library Reading Challenge total to date: 15 books (three books this month)

The M/M Romance Challenge 2011 total to date: 38 books (two books this month)

The 2011 Big Book Challenge: The Archer's Heart (Astrid Amara) [In progress!]

A list of all the books I've read to date (from 01 January 2010) can be found at GoodReads.

Favourite books of the month?

* Cut & Run (Madeline Urban & Abigail Roux)

* City of Night (Michelle Sagara)

Currently reading:

* The Archer's Heart (Astrid Amara)

And the books I'm most looking forward to reading this month:

* Living Promises (Amy Lane)

* The Holy Road (Ginn Hale) [The Rifter Part V]

So, what did you read last month?


  1. You had another productive reading month!

    I've just started rereading the Bay City Paranormal Investigations series by Ally Blue. I'd forgotten how much I wanted to smack Bo (one of the main characters) in the first book. :)

  2. Chris - I have, haven't I? *grin* You've definitely tempted me to try the Bay City series...and I will keep the smacking in mind :)