21 July 2011

Books One Loves To Rant About

On the way back from the Nalini Singh 'meet and greet' last week, the lovely Kerry from Too Many Books and I fell into discussing the BDB (Black Dagger Brotherhood for those of you who have been living under a rock [or who don't read paranormal romance] and thus have not heard of this series :) The next book to be released (on 27 March 2012) is Lover Reborn.

Lover Reborn appeared on my library's catalogue last week so I promptly placed a hold. When Kerry asked me why (I had placed the hold) I said I wanted to know what would happen (overall) in the series...and then I realized the other reason why I want to read it. You see, for the last few releases I've read the book and then jumped online and ranted...here, here, here, here and here. (OK, that is an awful lot of ranting *blushes*) And it struck me then...I quite like ranting about this series. It's...fun. And this has kind of me worried. Is ranting about a book....wrong? Am I being disrespectful? Am I the only person who does this? (Although thinking about the number of people who rant about the Anita Blake series, perhaps not.) Should one just chose not to read the book...or to read the book and not comment? Thoughts?

BTW, has anyone see the cover? I've heard rumours...


  1. I think the cover is up on the book's GRs page.

    I don't see anything wrong with ranting/discussing a book like that. It definitely shows the book has moved you in some way, that you're so passionate about it!

  2. I don't have any problem with ranting about a book/series at all. I mean, if you have something to say - say it, right? lol This has a dwindling series for me. I LOVED the first 3 books but while they were still good after that the romance took a backseat and they seemed more like UF to me with a romance thrown in for good measure. I didn't read the last book that came out so I have no idea what happened with Payne. *shrugs* maybe one day.

    You can see the cover here on Smexy's blog. :)

  3. Chris - thank you :) Hmmm. Not the most...dramatic cover. It feels rather...IDK...generic? And I do agree that this series has definitely moved me considering the number of posts I've written about it :)

    Tracy - I love the first three books. My best friend lent the first two to me and I devoured them. First paranormal romance I'd ever read. Lover Eternal is still my favourite. IMHO as the series has progressed it has...lost its way somewhat. I did read the last book, but I wasn't reading it for Payne and Manny (who drove me insane). It was all about the love for Qhuay *grin*

  4. Hey, just because you rant or make fun of a book doesn't mean you don't enjoy it! ;) The important thing is that you're having fun reading it, right?

  5. heidenkind - having fun reading is definitely important. And...yes, I do enjoy reading these books. I never looked at it quite like that - thank you :)

  6. I think another reason why we rant so much about books is we have SO loved previous books in the series and it almost physically hurts when we hate the next one. Then we keep reading, hoping the magic comes back. And when it doesn't we get more and more upset in the ongoing books until we just have to - well - rant :-)

  7. Kristie - that is a brilliant reason and very applicable to this series IMHO! I keep waiting for the magic from Lover Eternal to make an appearance, but it's never quite there :(