17 July 2011

Here's Looking At You

I meant to post this last night, but the temperature (or lack thereof) got the better of me :) Normally when I mention my lovely friend Kerry it is in association with her (original) blog Saving My Sanity. But, Kerry has started a new blog! It's called Too Many Books - something I think we can all relate to! And as to what this new blog is about? Well, I think part of Kerry's first post said it beautifully:
The key phrase above is “toss out a post”. That’s what I want to be able to do. A quote, a thought, a pretty cover, an upcoming release, anything book related like that. Short, quick stuff rather than trying to do in depth reviews or analysis (although if I am so inspired, I’ll “toss” one of those up here as well).

Secondly, I have several authors where I dream of slowly reading my way through their series and/or standalone books, often in an order of my own devising rather than ones readily available on other sites. This will also be a place to store those orders and my progress through the books.

Lastly (for now), some older favourite series/authors are beginning to be reprinted in lovely, matching editions (and in hardcover or trade which I prefer these days) where I drool over them and dream about buying them if I had the money. My books were often either purchased as they came out, or bought later and mostly second hand. Both those things tend to mean my collections are in multiple formats and with differing cover art. And in the case of those second hand purchases, old, ratty and sometimes musty and falling apart. The very thought of a lovely new set of books, all matching size and matching covers makes me happy. So I’ll also be using this blog to imagine my own dream library.

*drools over dream library*


And since I've been talking about new blogs, I wanted to mention Meoskop's It's My Genre, Baby. IIRC, I think I met Meoskop over a Dear Author review. Something in her comment sparked my interest, so me being me I wembled over to her blog. And I'm so glad I did! Meoskop reviews...all sorts of books, across a number of genres, including contemporary romance, historial romance, paranormal romance, not to mention autobiographies and...eBook readers! And there was a post about the BBC History Magazine the other week. *drools over BBC History Magazine* Apart from being very amuzing, Meoskop's posts invariably make me look at things from a different angle.

So, what new blogs have you discovered lately?


  1. Um. *mind goes blank*

    I wish I could send you about 20F to warm you up and cool us down! It is hot and sticky here.

  2. I'm having too much trouble keeping up with the blogs I know of already....

  3. Chris - I do the same thing. Know I know the answer to a question, but when I go to start typing my mind goes completely blank :) And thank you! Cold again overnight. On the plus side, the days are getting longer :)

    heidenkind - ditto! But somehow they just keep creeping on to my 'look' list :)