31 July 2011


I have a number of posts rattling around inside my head ATM, but...I need to work out exactly what I want to write - it has been one of those weeks!

In the interim, I thought you might like a bit of a walk down memory lane. While I was out and about yesterday the theme song from Beverly Hills Cop 1 - The Heat Is On - came on the radio. That led me to rattling around by boxes (the vast majority of my belongings are still in boxes for reasons unknown) until I pulled out my Eighties Complete CDs. Unfortunately, The Heat Is One wasn't listed, but this beauty was:

Let's just say that my new toy has had some musical additions to assist me in pounding the pavement *grin*

So, what blast from the past has hit you lately?


  1. Kim Wilde - Kids in America
    Soft Cell - Tainted Love
    Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls

  2. These days, I tend to like covers better than the originals, with a few exceptions that you've probably not heard of, such as Prefab Sprout. Anyway, here's a great cover of "Pretty in Pink" by The National.

  3. ShellBell - I love Tainted Love!

    Chris - I must confess to not having heard of Prefab Sprout :)