22 August 2011

The Big Chill

It's been cold here of late. Very cold. (And by that I mean overnight temperatures of 2 degrees Celsius [~35 degrees Fahrenheit], which probably doesn't sound cold to most of you, but it is for Auckland, which has a temperate [oceanic] climate.) So cold that I've been shutting off part of the house (the part with my computer) and curling up in front of the fire.

This...hiding (for want of a better word) has been in response to a number of things: movements on the privacy issue I eluded to in the post entitled Learning By Degrees (I'm not over it, not by a long shot, and it's colouring so much); interactions with family (what a surprise); and work. I hate feeling out of control. So overwhelmed by life... I was thinking the best analogy was that of an out of control bus, but...it's more like constant noise. When all I want is just some quiet so my brain can stop...whirring. I'm sorry I've been...absent. I have missed you all, but I just needed to...sit. Not sure how much sitting I'll need - this morning has left me all wound up so tight I can hardly breathe - but I will try to be online a little more often :)

On a completely different note, tomorrow night I am going to learn how to graft fruit trees. Yes, you heard it hear first!

So, what weird and wacky things have you learnt to do?


  1. 35 degs isn't cold! Why, that's practically balmy. ;)

    I think you need a vacation. I haven't learned to do anything since I made a souffle. =/

  2. LOL! I was waiting for some one to say that such temperatures were almost balmy *grin*

    A vacation...hmmm. That sounds like a good idea. I haven't had any time off since Easter...

    Oh, you've read The Vampire Diaries books. Good? Am becoming completely hooked on the TV series....Damon is... *swoon*

  3. Many Minnesotans are still wearing shorts at 35F, albeit with sweatshirts and gloves... I am not one of them! But in the spring, when 35F really does seem warm (after -20F), I tend to wear a light jacket and gloves...

    I was wondering why you were so quiet and wasn't sure if dropping you a line would be helpful or stressful.

  4. Shorts at 35F? *shivers in sympathy*

    Thank you for thinking of me :) *hugs* Just feeling overwhelmed with everything and...took some time out. I probabably do need a vacation...and to learn how to not overreact to, well, everything :)

  5. Oh man, -2 sounds good right about now, especially with a fire!

    Yes, I'm a crazy canadian. LOL But it's been in the +30s here lately and I hate it! :P

    It's important to take time for yourself. Don't apologize for doing so.

    Grafting trees sounds interesting.

  6. ames - LOL! It's been a little warmer this week, thank goodness! And thank you! I so need to learn to stop stressing and learn to relax or I will wind myself up!

    Unfortunately, a day-long headache meant I didn't get to the grafting session, but I'm going next month! Will so have to write a post about it :)