10 August 2011

On The Ledge

Warning: This post may cause some readers to experience homicidal tendencies.

You're probably wondering why the title. Well...I think certain people, after reading this post, may want me on a ledge...so they can push me off! Kidding...mostly :) There are few unwritten rules when it comes to reading, but...reading in order is, for a number of people, a given. If you decide to read a series you start at the beginning and you read the books in order. And I just broke that rule.

I have been attempting, in my own way, to catch up on a number of series. The series on the chopping block (so to speak) has been Lisa Kleypas' The Hathaways. I adored the first (Mine till Midnight) and second (Seduce Me at Sunrise) books and enjoyed the third book (Tempt Me at Twilight). Then I borrowed (from the library) the fourth book (Married by Morning) and...paused. The characters didn't appeal in any of the previous books and they still didn't appeal. So...I read the bits I wanted to read (any scene with the hero from Mine till Midnight in it :) and then put it down and picked up the fifth book (Love in the Afternoon), which I'm reading...out of order *gasp*

So, here I am, on the ledge... They (whoever they are) say that curiosity killed the cat, but I have to ask: are you an order rule follower...or breaker?


  1. Usually I'm order follower - but if a series wasn't appealing to me, I might skip out of order... although most likely I'd have stopped reading the 4th book and given u on the series. And hey, I've been known to skip the m/f books in a series just to read the m/m books. :)

  2. LOL, no! I've been known to skip books here and there, and I've begun reading series on the 3rd or 4th installments and then worked my way backwards {gasp!!).

    In a historical (contemporary) romance series where there are different characters reaching for an HEA, I don't think it makes that much of a difference if you skip a book. I think it really matters in fantasy, urban fantasy or even paranormal where there's an overall story arc. Although I've done it in those genres as well, and I've enjoyed the series just as much... shhhh.... don't tell anyone, lol!

  3. I don't blame you; this series totally lost momentum after all the Romany were married off. For realz. Books 3 and 5 are kind of boring, though, you skipped the other good one! :)

  4. Gasp!

    lol. Usually, I am pretty big stickler for reading in order, but there are always exceptions. Some series are more dependent on reading in order than others. Hathaways, (especially the later ones) don't really need to be read strictly in order, imo. It seems like fantasy/sf or other books that are really dependent on world-building or character/plot development over the course of a number of books are the ones that really need to be read in order.

    However, in the end, we're reading for pleasure, so we've only got to please ourselves, right. :-)

  5. I try to be a follower...try being the operative word because half the time, I'm a breaker. >_< Do what needs to be done to enjoy the book. No need to be pushed off. Lol.

    Btw, Love in the Afternoon was my favorite.

  6. Chris - me too :) I did think about giving up on the series, but the premise of the fifth book appealed. I think (in hindsight) that I might have been in the wrong mood for the fifth book :)

    Hilcia - you've read backwards? I'm shocked :) And yes, I agree, without an overall plot arc or even linking characters, order is less important. And I won't say a word :)

    heidenkind - thank you! I thought it was just me. See, I read bits of the fourth one, but...just wasn't inspired overall. I want - desperately - the book in which Merripen goes to Ireland and rehabiliates the estate!

    Renee - LOL! I love that you go the exception route too. But I agree, it's hard to do that with series with overall plot arcs. I think that is why I will end up reading Kiss of Snow, even though Sienna and I have issues :)

    little alys - I'm usually a follower, but...sometimes, like with this series, I'm a breaker :) And LITA was your favourite? It wasn't mine...sorry :( That honour lies with Mine till Midnight - I love Cam *grin*