31 August 2011

The Other Guy

Just in case the title of this post is sending you on a wild goose (thought) chase in a particular direction, this is not a post about infidelity. It's a post about 'the other guy'. Glad that cleared things up *grin*

See, I'm currently reading The White Road (Lynn Flewelling). *thinks* Yes I'm invested in the two main characters and what happens to them, but...it's another character, a secondary character, that has me biting my lip and..wishing (fervently)..for his safety and, ultimately, his contentment. (He's been through so much I'm not if he can be truly happy, but if he could be I would like him to be.) If something happens to him (something bad in other words) there will be letters (to the author). Oh will there be letters! Because...sometimes I just need to believe in happily ever afters. Does that make sense?

So, have you ever invested in 'the other guy' more than the main character(s)?


  1. Oh this happens to me all the time! :)

    I just read Shadow Kin (which I think you NEED to read when it comes out next week) and I was rooting for the hero's brother like crazy!

    But I think that makes a book better sometimes - I love strong secondary characters

  2. Definitely! Not that I can remember any book titles or anything right now, but I do remember that in one book, I didn't like the main characters and didn't care what happened to them... but 'the other guy' was a different story. :)

  3. All the freaking time!

    I think secondary characters are often more interesting than main characters because they don't have to be "relatable." They can be quirky and have more personality. :)

  4. Mandi - so, it's not just me? *grin* Shadow Kin, huh? I'll be hunting down a review of it ASAP! Thank you :)

    Chris - the old 'on the spot' question :)

    heidenkind - me too! *grin* And great point. They definitely don't have to be relatable. Or...nice. It's often the anti-hero secondary character that has me intrigued :)