25 August 2011

Out There...

I know I've asked some really 'out there' questions here at Walkabout, but...I think this one will take the cake...and the table said cake is sitting on :)

So...do you ever feel you're letting a book down? That's you're not reading it fast enough, in the right way, and 'getting it' like you should? Not quite sure who sets that 'should' level, but...do you?

Edited to add: You know things aren't too good when you receive a card from the postman (or postwoman [should that be postperson?]) informing you that you have a parcel to collect (a parcel too big for your letterbox) and you immediately panic, thinking of all the (horrible) things it could be (and the amount of time it will take you to go and pick said parcel up - because of course it's not waiting to be collected at my local post office). A few hours on the other side, I'm ignoring the large elephant in the room!


  1. Why would a package be horrible?! Here, the gender neutral term is mail carrier...

    I actually have thought that about books before - usually when I don't have the time to really focus on an excellent book, but instead end up reading it in little bits here and there.

  2. I've felt that way before. I sometimes think if I read this book faster maybe I would "get it" better than I am. But, when I think about it afterward I think...yeah, probably not. lol We read as fast as we read. I think if a book is really good it doesn't matter if you read it in a day, a week, or a month...it's still gonna be great.

    When I get that note from the mail carrier I jump for joy cuz it's usually books! lol Think positive thoughts!

    My veri word: busti lol

  3. Chris - I know. I can't work out my reaction, I really can't. It's...irrational to say the least! Mail carrier - ahhh. Postie is our usual term. And I think that word - focus - is what has been missing. Changed books for the weekend - am reading Sticks and Stones and am loving it :)

    We read as fast as we read.

    Tracy - I love it! Books wouldn't come to my home address, but to the post box...but I know what it is now and...phew! Busti - LOL!

    heidenkind - LOL! I do think in this case it's me :)