29 August 2011


Yes, we here at the bottom of the world may be ahead when it comes to greeting the new day, but invariably (unless the director is a New Zealander [yes, Peter Jackson, I'm looking at you]) we are behind when it comes to movie releases. So, Priest only opened here last Thursday, but...oh does it look like my kind of mindlessness! Have all but begged (OK, maybe there was some begging involved :) my best friend to see it with me - thank you oh lovely Starfire! I think we may just have to go the 3D route...

So, what movie last took you to the theatre and/or what do you have your eye on?


  1. I saw Priest. Now it's definitely my kind of movie in so many ways (post-apoc, the vamp edge, religious insanity).. however it's kind of a bad movie. I've seen worse for sure but it's not very good.

    Here's to hoping it's better for you!

  2. Hey, it has Paul Bettany being kick-ass, styley and slightly insane - there is no universe in which I was NOT going to see this movie anyway - even if I do have to shut my eyes for bits of it.

    And as for the whole knuckle-wrapping scene in the trailer? Om. Nom. Nom. Plot? What plot? I'm just here for the eye candy ;-)

  3. You're not on the bottom of the world on ALL map projections... ;)

    I haven't been to see a movie in the theater in... years. Perfume, cologne, clothes washed in stinky detergents and/or dried with drier sheets - all are huge migraine and asthma triggers for me. Plus theater cooling systems seem to often be mildewy... another evil thing. *sigh* Took the fun out of it.

  4. I ordered this from the library! I'm really excited about it.

    The movie I want to the theater to see was Cowboys & Aliens. So not worth it.

  5. ...post-apoc, the vamp edge, religious insanity...

    Kassa - see, after reading that I'm drooling :) Gutted to hear it's not very good, but...fingers crossed I leave my brain at the door while watching it :) Will let you know what I think!

    starfire - *nods* Those are all excellent reasons kechara. And yes, the vampire parts in the trailer have me thinking I will need a jersey to hide my face in :) It's the takeaway blanket *grin*

    Chris - thank you! It's OK being down here - it's pretty :) Yeah, getting a migraine from watching a movie - not good.

    heidenkind - Priest is already at the library for you? We are behind! Sorry to hear Cowboys and Aliens wasn't good. I heard Harrison Ford was though?

  6. I saw it! It was about as good as you'd expect haha. :)