23 September 2011


I love books that speak to me. Books that reach out and...teach me something about myself that I didn't know.

I'm currently reading ZA Maxfield's St Nacho's. And I'm loving it. And then, right out of nowhere, I read this:
It probably wasn't until that moment that I realized my development had been arrested at about fifteen, when I'd started drinking and partying with my friends, and that everything that was happening to me now was, essentially, happening to that kid. No wonder I didn't know how to do this stuff. I hadn't been in the game. I'd been lying on the sidelines, in a stupor composed of alcohol and vanity. Stupidity and ignorance and false bravado.
(And by 'stuff' Cooper is referring to kissing.)

That paragraph struck me because, like Cooper, I've not been in the game. If ever. My emotional development is...stunted to say the least. (I could use other words I guess, but stunted seems the most...apt :) Alcohol didn't do this to me. I did this to me. And now I have to learn how to undo it. *looks down* I'm working on it.

So, has a book ever 'spoken' to you?


  1. Oh, yes. Some books really touch a nerve, don't they? Definitely some of Charles de Lint's books have done that for me.

  2. I think everyone feels the same way they did when they were fifteen to some extent, don't they? You're still the same basic person, just with more experiences and less hormones.

  3. Yes, definitely. And those books are usually the most memorable ones too.

  4. Chris - um... *blushes* I've never read Charles de Lint... Please don't defriend me *begs*

    heidenkind - I never did the whole fifteen thing. The whole hormone thing. The whole experience thing. *thinks* I'm not explaining myself very well - sorry :( Will have a chat with the unnamed expert and see if I can tease out what I mean into coherent thought :)

    Janna - *nods* They are the most memorable. This one (Gathering Storm) blew me away!

  5. orannia: I bet you'd love de Lint, actually. :) Someplpace To Be Flying might be a good one to start with - there's even an excerpt link under the covers at the link above. Plus... you might be able to get them from your library. :)

  6. I will check it out - thank you Chris :)

  7. SO glad you've enjoyed St Nacho's, and that it's really speaking to you.

    I think that Lisa Kleypas' Sugar Daddy really spoke to me, as well as Octavia Butler's Parable of the Sower (I'm sort of a broken record on that book, arent I?)