16 September 2011


Do you ever feel stupid while reading a book? The reason why I ask is because I am currently reading Kat Richardson's Labyrinth. I love this series because, for an urban fantasy heroine, Harper is sensible. I know I sound like I'm damming with faint praise, but...I like sensible heroines. The thing is, sometimes I look up from the page and realize I have absolutely no idea what the last page was describing. I'm sure it all makes logical sense to someone, just...not for me. The thing is, I make me feel stupid. The book is inanimate :)

And that leads me on to the time it takes to read a book when you're not sure what is going on. Forever. And in the interim the TBR pile gets bigger and bigger and bigger (until it was big enough for them all to fit inside) [And now I'm paraphrasing Bad Jelly The Witch!]. Anyway, earlier this week I entered a contest at Stumbling Around Chaos for a Heidi Cullinan book. And when the lovely Chris emailed me to confirm I was indeed entered I realized I hadn't actually read the first book - The Seventh Veil - even though I was oh so excited about it when it was first released. And why haven't I read it...and numerous other books? IDK. I'm slow? I commented to Chris that I was so behind it was discouraging. Her response?
Oh, that just means you have lots of good stuff to look forward to.:)
I like that better than the slow theory :)

And just to lighten the mood leading into the weekend, I followed this home today. Imagine it blown up...on the back of the bus. Probably not the best choice for ensuring drivers concentrate on...say...driving, but a good cookie choice :) Oh, and the man in question is Daniel Carter, one of the All Blacks (New Zealand rugby team).


  1. Wait, what was your post about?

    *can't tear eyes away from cookie*

    ;) If I'm finding a book frustrating and/or dull, I put it aside. It'll probably end up a DNF. Life's too short. :)

  2. D'oh... forgot to subscribe to comments...

  3. Yum, that's a nice thing to follow home. Even better if he'd followed YOU home. ;)

    I'm reading an UF novel right now and I feel the exact same way! I'm like, "Book, when did you tell me what all this means?" But then I remember this is an UF novel and it doesn't matter; I'm only reading it for the vampire/human sex scenes and people getting their asses kicked.

  4. Chris - LOL! Distracting, huh? Imagine that blown up on the back of a bus! I hear you on the DNF. I probably should, but then the book moves again. Have put it down to read the next part of The Rifter so I'll see how I go with it next week, but I am halfway through now :)

    heidenkind - it was :) LOL WRT him following me home and the UF novel comment!