21 September 2011

Things That Go Bump

I'm a scaredy cat. No two ways about it. As I mentioned in Random Facts, the first (and to date only) time I watched Alien was while hiding under a blanket with my feet off the floor (because as everyone knows Aliens [and all scary monsters] lurk under couches...and beds [not so sure about closets myself, but I've heard anecdotal evidence that they do]) and my bear (Ted E. Bear) [yes, bear, not beer] close at hand. Initially I wasn't quite sure if Ted was there as protection or a sacrifice (that statement no doubt breaks a multitude of bear ownership laws), but after a lot of thought I am sad to say that if an Alien had made an appearance I would have probably used Ted as a decoy and made a run for it!

On the weekend my best friend (the lovely Starfire from Songs and Spinnings) and I went to see Priest (3D). I must confess to not being as blown away by the 3D aspects as I was when I watched Avatar...probably because I was waiting for the vampires to appear in 3D. They didn't :( That didn't stop me from having my feet off the floor though. No sirree! And making squeaking noises when vampires jumped in from nowhere. I did mention I was a scaredy cat, yes? As for the plot of Priest, well...it had enough holes to drive a Hummer through (although the gratuitous shot of Paul Bettany's chiseled torso almost made up for it :) At the beginning of the movie Starfire leaned over and asked me (rhetorically) why it was that the humans hadn't completely annihilated the vampires, but instead put them in reservations... If they had done the former there would, of course, have been no movie. But, maybe humanity was demonstrating its.....humanity. Yeah, fat chance! And then the Church stridently denies that vampires are a threat...and I leaned over to Starfire and asked (rhetorically) why the Church would deny the threat, when the existence of said threat would mean more power to the Church. And I could go on. It was a 'leave one's brain at the door' movie. And Karl Urban makes a great bad guy. I just think he makes a better Bones *grin*

So...what things that go bump in the night (whether in a move or a book) would you sacrifice your 'bear' for?


  1. I would sacrifice my teddy for any real threat, of course... but I don't get scared per se from movies or books. It's more that I find some content extremely disturbing. There's a difference, right? Psychologically disturbing so I'd just rather not know or think about it. So I remedy this by not watching that kind of movie or reading that kind of book. :D

    My 12 year old is ridiculously scared of so many benign things. LOL. For example, she shrieked the other day about a bug! a bug! A BUG! HELP!!!! It was an itty bitty fruit fly in the kitchen. You know they practically fly in slow motion... *sigh*

  2. I think Priest is one of those films where the style was more important that substance--actually, I know it is, because the director admitted as much on the DVD! Unfortunately, the style isn't that original, so... FAIL.

    Paul Bettany is teh awesome.

  3. Hmm. Pretty much anything from a Lovecraftian universe. Only time in my life I left the lights on while trying to sleep was after reading Lovecraft. Eeep!

  4. Christine - the poor teddies, sacrificed for safety :) And yes *nods* - there is a difference between scared and disturbing when it comes to content. And those fruit flies can be scary when flying slowly :)

    heidenkind - yes, definitely a movie where style trumps substance, and...yes, the style wasn't original. I am kind of keen for a Priest II though...not sure what that says about me *grin*

    Chris - I must confess to having to Google Lovecraft, but...YIKES!

  5. *gasp* You haven't read any HP Lovecraft? You've missed out on the whole Cthulhu thing?! O.O

  6. Poor Ted E. Bear, although I'm much worse. I wait for scary movies to be on DVD and watch them with my Mum, that way if I get too scared or my imagination gets too much for me I can sacrifice my Mum!

  7. Chris - nope *blushes*

    ShellBell - your Mum? LOL!