31 October 2011

Books 2011: September Update

Note: I know it's weird to post this now, but...I'm nothing if not pedantic *grin*

Total to date: 85 books (eight books this month: fantasy [one book]; m/m [five books]; urban fantasty [one book]; young adult [one book])

The 2011 Support Your Local Library Reading Challenge total to date: 24 books (three books this month)

The M/M Romance Challenge 2011 total to date: 60 books (five books this month)

The 2011 Big Book Challenge: COMPLETE!

A list of all the books I've read to date (from 01 January 2010) can be found at GoodReads.

Favourite books of the month?

* Gathering Storm (Lyn Gala)

Currently reading:

* Faith & Fidelity (Tere Michaels)

And the books I'm most looking forward to reading this month:

* Divide & Conquer (Madeline Urban)

So, what did you read last month (if you can remember back that far)?

26 October 2011

Two Steps Forward...

...and one step back. At least that is how it feels ATM (in relation to my wrists). I think they are improving and then I aggravate them and slide all the way back to the beginning :( It's...aggravating! I miss being online. I miss you all. And...I worry. That I'll be...forgotten.

I've made an appointment to see the physiotherapist on Friday. Fingers crossed I can start strengthening my wrists at some point in the near future and perhaps...perhaps...go online in the evenings. Even for 30 minutes (or 15 [like tonight]). (How desperate hopeful do I sound?) On the plus side (I always try and look for a silver lining), I have been catching up on TV series, specifically Supernatural. Last month I was at the beginning of Season 2. Now I'm almost halfway through Season 4! *shocked* I've also discovered Falling Skies. Hmmm. It's Dr Carter (ER) [disguising himself as a military history professor], with a gun (battling aliens), looking all sexy with his stubble (bet you thought I'd never say that Mandi *grin*) and looking after his three boys. So, smart? *check* Protective? *check* Sexy? (Need I even answer that question?) *check* And a family man? *check* *swoon*

So, what have you been up to lately and who has set you to swooning?

04 October 2011


In case you are wondering where I have been for the last few days, I managed to strain the tendons in my wrists (tendonitis) last Friday :( So, no online time for me - I'll see how my wrists feel this weekend. Just wanted you to know I haven't forgotten you all :)


PS A belated Happy Birthday to the lovely Christine from The Happily Ever After!