13 November 2011

I Got Swag!

One has to squee at times like this. See, I stopped in at my Post Box earlier this week and what did I find but a package from the lovely beyond compare Kris from kris' korner and Kris 'n' Good Books! And this package contained...swag! *cue much screaming and happy dancing*

I've no idea why the photos are on their sides...GRRRR! Anyway...one of the many interesting things that caught my eye is the following:

Isn't it pretty? And yes that is a red velvet cupcake. (I tried one this weekend and YUM!) Thank you SO much Kris! *hugs*

So, how do you feel about swag?


  1. Aw, that was wonderful of her!!

    I like swag in moderation. It was rather overwhelming at GRL!

  2. heidenkind - it is indeed :)

    Chris - it was. She's such a sweetie pie :) Will I be shot for saying that? There was lots of sway at GRL?

  3. Lots and lots and lots of swag. :)

  4. Yes, you will be shot. I have a rep to maintain, you know. *hmpf*

  5. I recognize (almost) all of it! Kris is just so uber nice. Never mind her rep. ;)
    I discovered at GRL that I kinda like swag. I kept some of it myself and gave the rest to Lis, a Dutch friend who couldn't be there. That's the best part about swag, passing it on to other people. :D

  6. Chris - *grin*

    Kris - I no mess with the rep!

    Janna - *whispers* Kris is uber nice. And I love the idea of passing swag on :)

  7. Awesome!!! :)
    I love looking at and oooing and aahhhing over swag--the creative little trinkets people come up with, but honestly, I don't know what to do with most of it. I hate to say it sits in a box... but it does. But no matter what, swag is the BEST when it comes from a thoughtful friend who knows what you like.