24 November 2011

Need To Read

I always joke with people about my need to read. Reading is a form of escape; it allows me to...slow down (inside) and focus on something (positive) rather than letting my anxieties run rampant. It allows me to be...somewhere else (not here)...to imagine a place where I belong. Where I'm wanted.

So, what happens when you can't read? When you can't hold your book (as I found out to my misfortune last month). How does one adapt? What does one do? When I couldn't hold print books I turned to eBooks, mostly because I don't hold my iPhone (because if I held it that would strain my wrists...sensing a pattern?) but instead rest it on the nearest surface - the table, the bedclothes, etc. That said, the physiotherapist did comment that I should try and read less anyway (for my neck) [he was commenting on the fact that I always turned up for appointments with big (fantasy) books]. 'Have book, will travel'. That's me! Even thought I have now been given the go-ahead to read print books again I am still limited as to where - no holding print books in bed for example (but I can read them if they are resting on a table). For some reason I didn't turn to audio books. TBH, I'm not quite sure how I would take to them. Hmmm. Maybe I should try one? *grin*

I also turned to DVDs (because I could watch a DVD and ice my wrists at the same time). I've been winnowing my way through Supernatural. You know you're watching too much Supernatural when you start dreaming you're you...and you're one of the characters (Dean for those who know the series) [he's the one on the right in the image] and you're trying to convince another character (Dean's brother Sam) [he's on the left] to cast a spell to stop the Apocalypse...but Sam's more interested in umm...other stuff. WTF? (Plus, I thought I was a Dean gal!) Let's just say that I was looking at my subconscious rather weirdly this morning :)

So, how much do you need to read? And...if you can't read, what do you do?


  1. Absolutely must read. :)

    The bookstand I've shown you pictures of? It's good for reading in bed, too - you rest it on your chest. I'm remembering that I started using the bookstand so that I could knit while reading, but discovered that it made my wrists feel better, too. I think I basically lucked out with that and started using the bookstand before my wrists got bad.

  2. Reading is my drug of choice, and has saved my sanity many, many times. But when I can't read, I make stuff. Some of what I make is good enough, pretty enough, useful enough, for other people to see. A lot ends up in this bottomless pit of "not quite"

    The other alternative to reading are cleaning binges--and I honestly wish I woke up one day soon with the drive for one of those!

  3. That sounds horrible! I don't know what I would do if I couldn't read; I would be bored out of my mind. Maybe you should hire a cute guy to read to you. ;)

  4. I need to read as well, can totally relate. Thankfully I have my ereader which is a Godsend.

    I don't like being read to, so I wouldn't do the audio books. It's annoying to have someone reading to me.

    If I can't read? I don't know what I'd do... probably sleep. I LOVE sleeping :) I love making lists too... of books I want to read, stuff I need to buy, etc.

  5. I need to read all the time, as well! I get visual migraines - aura but no headache - a couple of times a year, and usually the first thing I notice is that I can't read, because half the text is missing from each eye and replaced with flashing zig zags. Very, very annoying, but fortunately they only last about 30 minutes at the most.

    Does your computer do voice commands? Mine has it for the manga viewer, so I can order it to turn pages - might help for you!

  6. I have to read, too. Even on crazy days when I don't have the time... I make sure I read at least a few pages before I fall asleep. There are rare occasions when I don't read at all, but it makes me upsets me as if I've neglected a love one or something.

    I used to do a lot of cross stitching before I became such an avid reader, so I'd probably do that in my 'me' time if I didn't read. But now I can't imagine not choosing reading first as a hobby.

  7. Chris - *nods* :) And if I don't get my A into G and strengthen those wrists I think I will be looking into purchasing a bookstand. But I'm hoping strengthening them will help :)

    azteclady - I hear you on the reading. Not so much on the cleaning, because I get OCD about cleaning and it takes hours!

    heidenkind - I like that idea :)

  8. Mariana - being able to read on my iPhone has been..a lifesaver! I like lists too :)

    cyphomandra - I am so glad I don't get migraines. They sound like an extreme owy! Not sure if my computer has voice commands...

    Christine - I find reading very settling. And yes, it would feel like something was missing if I didn't read at all in a day.

  9. A combo of strengthening and preventative measures... :)

  10. I need to read in order to live. I know that sounds overly dramatic, but it's true. It's how I destress. It's how I comat the loneliness of living alone. It's how I have adventures. It's how I see the world. It's just simply everything and I feel sorry for people who don't really have this richness in their lives. I've heard people say they only read a book or two a year and I think how very sad for them.

  11. Kristie(J) - it doesn't sound overly dramatic at all. I don't think I could have survived...any of my years without books. And yes those people don't have the richness of books, but maybe they get that richness in other (hopefully legal :) ways *grin*