27 November 2011


Note: This will probably date me no end, but...I think it's worth it.

There are just some songs that make me smile, tap my feet and want to dance around the room like a...cat on a hot tin roof *grin* This is one of those songs!


  1. Haha, have you seen 500 Days of Summer? :)

  2. Like me and Pop! Goes the World by Men Without Hats...

  3. I get ya. Sometimes there are songs that I don't even realize that I'm dancing around to when they come on and then I kind of stop in the kitchen and smile cuz I'm such a dork. lol

  4. This definitely made me smile. :P

    Reminds me of Adam Sandler too. I think the Wedding Singer?

  5. heidenkind - no... Is it on the soundtrack?

    Chris - yes :)

    Tracy - I love those songs :)

    ames - *grin* Yes, The Wedding Singer is great! I love 80s music :)

  6. ha! Cute, but they ain't no Hall and Oats!

    I love when my kids are so shocked that I know all the words to some of these comeback songs. I'm really cool for about 10 seconds before they realize the song is actually from the "olden days." Nice.

  7. Christine - true! I love that so many 'older' songs are making a come back!