05 November 2011


...you've had one of those days and you feel like you're at the end of your tether (about to be set adrift on the departing tide) and books aren't helping (I know that might sound like sacriledge, but sometimes they don't)...sometimes music does.

I love this song.

What have you been listening to of late?


  1. Mumford & Sons covering England by The National.

    And listening to lots of songs by the Mountain Goats, since I'm going to see them on the 18th! :)

  2. This indie band called Brandtson and Coldplay's new album is pretty good. http://youtu.be/tTIUDsb2XGs

  3. Chris - hope you have a wonderful time at the Mountain Goats concert!

    heidenkind - haven't heard of Brandtson, but then not much gets down here :) ColdPlay I have heard of *grin*

  4. Thank you, orannia--I need that song (have been listening to it in a loop pretty much non-stop for two days)

  5. I love that song, too, orannia.

    I shamelessly admit that I listen to a lot of pop, R&B and club type music because that's what's played in the gym and on my ipod while I run and in the car when I'm driving my girls all over the place.

    I really like "Nothing" by The Script lately. It's a sad song, but I don't know... it tugs on my heart.


  6. azteclady - you're very welcome :)

    Christine - I love the Script too. I must admit to not being a fan of bclub/techno music as I love songs I can sing too :)