19 January 2012

Jumping On The Bandwagon

Whether focusing on the book or the movie(s), the hype surrounding The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson has been intense. And...it has entirely passed
me by. Not. Been. Interested. I'm not sure exactly why. I never investigated enough to form an opinion. TBH I probably got put off by the hype, which I suppose is the secret nightmare of authors and directors.

Entirely passed me by that is...until now. And it's my best friend's fault *evil grin* See, the lovely Starfire from Songs and Spinnings and I are planning a catch-up. Just because, and also as a post-birthday celebration. We celebrate her birthday, 'our' birthday and then my birthday. Anyway, as the years have passed our celebrations have become less lavish (not that they were ever lavish exactly :) and more about just spending quality time together. (Which I love.) So we lunch. And occasionally see a movie. And the question of whether The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo would be a suitable 'us' movie was raised. And I ummed. And I ahhed. Still
apathetic about all the hype I finally said I would watch a trailer. Yes. Up until last night I had neither watched a trailer or read a book review...even a back cover summary. So I watched this:

And now I really want to see it.

So...have you read the book? Watched the movie? Are you even interest in doing so? And if not, what's on your movie radar ATM?


  1. Read all three books and LOVED them. The Lisbeth character is so kick ass. The books are very big and wordy... but this character really draws you in.

    I HATED the movie... I found the movie to be so disappointing. The girl that plays Lisbeth was FANTASTIC; very talented and believable as Lisbeth. There were other actors that were good as well, esp. Marten, but the majority were meh... they didn't do it for me.

    I don't think you'll have as much of a problem if you haven't read the books. Visually the movie is stunning, but the translation from book to movie lots was lost. The opening sequence of the movie is so EFFING GOOD... could watch that over again. The movie itself, not so much.

    The movie I'm dying to see is Underworld Awakenings... can't wait!

  2. I never read the books, but I've watched all three movies (the Swedish ones, not the American remake). It's a pretty harsh and gruesome trilogy with good suspense, but I lost interest during the third part. It got a bit long-winded imo... Or maybe I shouldn't have watched them all at once. ;)

  3. Nope. Not interested in reading the book or seeing the movie. :)

  4. *blushes* I'm kind of with Chris on this one!

  5. I saw the Swedish films but haven't read the books. The movies were enough for me, though. :) They've got EVERYTHING, Orannia: serial killers, reclusive millionaires, mansions on remote islands, Nazis, intrepid reporters, conspiracies, the mob... honestly, it would all be really cheesy if it wasn't for Lizbeth. She's such a great character!

  6. I got a good deal over xmas to buy all three movies on dvd - little did I know you have a swedish and US version of the movie *sigh* I bought the swedish version which I found out when I watched all three of them when I was down with the flu. They absolutely rock IMO, gritty characters and great suspense. What I've seen so far of the US version is that US Lisbeth doesn't reach the same level as the swedish One! Lisbeth (swedish version) was the character & actress that made this trilogy for me! Enjoy the good times with your friend :))

  7. I was interested in reading the books a few years ago, just after the author died, I think... but then the hype took off exponentially from there and my interest waned. Maybe I'll try to read the book before the movie comes out on netflix. Which is probably a couple of weeks from now! Haha!

  8. Mariana - good to know! Hmmm. I'm with you on perhaps liking the movie if you haven't read the books. I find that A LOT. That's why I'm avoiding the books...and Wikipedia :)

    Janna - thank you :) I haven't seen the Swedish movies, but it's good to know they are out and about!

    Chris - that's where I was at...before seeing the trailer :)

  9. Shell - LOL! I was so there at one point :)

    heidenkind - WOW! They do have everything! I'm kind of looking forward to meeting Lisbeth :)

    Leontine - thank you. Hmmm. I will definitely have to see if the Swedish (original :) versions are available here! I love gritty!

    Christine - LOL! Yes, the hype put me off too.