30 January 2012


Procrastination thy name is orannia. And in case you're wondering how I came to that conclusion, I have a box...Well, to be honest I have a number of boxes. Boxes that were packed years ago. And by years I mean anywhere from 6-12 years ago. No, you didn't read that wrong. And I'm only now unpacking them. But one particular box is significant in that I didn't pack it. I thought I knew what the contents were, but until I opened it I couldn't be positive. See, I bought the contents 10 years ago...in Ireland. And I sent them to New Zealand. And there they sat. Safe (I hoped) in the box. Until Saturday. Until I opened the box. Like to know what was in there?

But while writing this post it has struck me. Yes, I am talking about boxes. Tangible boxes. But I could also be talking about intangible ones. Boxes filled with feelings. Hopes. Dreams. Desires. All locked away. Somehow I don't expect such boxes to open as easily as the tangible ones. But I'm working on those boxes too. And somehow I think they will be just as bright and precious as the contents of Saturday's box. Pretty, yes?
So, what have you unpacked lately?


  1. You opened it! Yay! :)

    Hmm. Probably not as much as I should, actually.

  2. I did! Finally! And they are sooooo pretty! I wasn't expecting eight red and eight white glasses though...surprise!

    And I understand about not opening boxes. Apart from the 'big box' I haven't opened any others... Next weekend :)

  3. Was there a Schrodinger's cat in any of these boxes? ;)

  4. Well, Orannia, you have an idea of the boxes I have been busy unpacking. And although it is very hard to get those emotional boxes open, you feel so much freer when you do. The contents might not be as pretty as what you found, but with a good airing, they aren't as ugly as they started out. And sometimes, buried in the middle of all the ugliness in the box, you find a tiny little gem of wisdom and strength. And it helps you go on to the next cobweb-draped, mildewed, half-crushed box.

  5. heidenkind - unfortunately, no Schrodinger's cat! Although I could have done with a cat as the birds are going mental all over my garden!

    Eliwrites - and we're making progress :) *hugs* And yes opening those emotional boxes isn't easy, but...it helps and those tiny gems make so much difference :)

  6. So far, what I've left out of the mental/emotional boxes in these past couple of months has not been good, positive or bright.

    But hey, there're more boxes somewhere.

  7. Azteclady,

    I know that the contents seem incredibly dark at this time. I hope that in the future you find that opening those boxes, although unpleasant at this time, has helped you become a stronger, healthier person.

  8. I find that I have tons of emotional boxes that I probably should open, but I think they need to stay packed away for the time being.

  9. azteclady - ohhh... *hugs* And more boxes? *snuggly hugs* I guess there are always more boxes (I think they multuply). I...I'm not sure what to say, but know that I am with you.

    eliwrites - sometimes I think certain boxes take longer than others to...difuse :( Small steps.

    Eyre - I think that's very wise. Not that I know what boxes you are referring to, but knowing when you are ready to open a box is, I think, half the battle. You need to pick your battles. Hope that makes sense. *hugs*