19 February 2012


Earlier this month I added a book to the DNF list :( I don't like adding books to the DNF list, particularly a book that I have previously read (and enjoyed). So it got me to thinking - why did this book not work for me now when it has previously? TBH, this book is definitely a mood book. That is, you have to be in the right frame of mind to read it :) And I wasn't. But...I realized something else - I read differently now than I did 10, even 5 years ago. Way back when I think I read just the top layer, skimming everything. Not digging in and understanding, investing in the characters..and their emotions. Now? Now it's the opposite. I think that says more about me than anything else.

So, has how you read books changed over the years?


  1. Probably not that much, tbh. :) I think by definition a good book (to me) is one I can get a lot of and become emotionally invested in.

  2. My reading has changed SO much over the years. Books that I LOVED 10, 15 or 20 years ago I can hardly get through now. I wonder...what was I thinking? Was I just "off" then, lol, or has my brain changed so much that I'm "off" now?

  3. I know I read differently - enough so that I'm often afraid to reread old favorites, in case they don't work for me anymore. I'd rather treasure the memory.

  4. I know my tastes have definitely changed. Like books I consider my favorites from a long time ago wouldn't necessarily hit me with the same oomph.

  5. I am certainly more demanding, as a reader, than I was just a couple of years ago. There are exceptions, but for the most part things that I would let slide before just get on my nerves now.

    then again, I'm also a mood reader, and I haven't been in a very cheerful mood for a while now, so that's probably related too.

  6. Tasha - I love books I can emotionally invest in. They put me through the wringer, but they're the best :)

    Tracy - YAH! (Sorry, that was a 'YAH, it's not just me' :) And I don't think we were off then or now. We just look at things differently :)

    Chris - that's what worries me. I would hate to re-read an old favourite and realize it didn't work. It's like breaking something precious.

    ames - yes. It's like certain things become less or more important, and those things tweak the oomph :)

    azteclady - I too am a mood reader. I never used to be...I either wanted to read a genre or I didn't. And I'm far less likely now to keep reading if a book doesn't work.

    And *hugs*. Just 'cause I love you :)

  7. Absolutely. I think the changes in taste come with age and maturity. I certainly don't enjoy a lot of books now that I enjoyed earlier in life -- specifically when it comes to romance. I was a lot more forgiving when I was younger too, and I read books that I wouldn't give the time of day to now. There was a time when I never DNF'd a book.

    I also read differently. I always read fast, and I still do, but now I take my time to enjoy the books (I'm talking romance here, I've always read fiction/literature differently), and I don't just gobble them up.

  8. Hilcia - I'm so less forgiving with books. And I so take my time. And...it's more about the characters now. Plot? What plot? OK, some plot :)