29 February 2012


You may be wondering why the sudden flurry of posts... I have a confession. The OCD (or should that be CDO :) is riding me hard ATM. I think it might have something to do with this being a family week. For the past almost 2 months I have been...family free. I took a giant step back from family at the beginning of the year. (After 6 years I felt it was time for..me.) And I feel like it has made a difference. Especially because this week, back within the family fold so to speak, I am noticing how...uptight I am. It's little things. I have to check each and every car that comes up the street in case in might be a particular family member's. I saw said type of car this afternoon on my way home from work and had to make sure it wasn't said family member. It's like I'm stalking in reverse. So...the plan is to get through Friday...and then go back to Coventry. And that brings me back to the OCD...and the posts. Ten is a nice round number :) Things will hopefully go back to normal after Friday :)

So...how do you cope when things get too much?


  1. Thank you sweetie! It will all be over this time tomorrow - YAH! *hugs*

  2. Procrastination and hiding, that's the ticket.


    (but it's what I do)

    almost over, orannia *hug* hand in there.

  3. Hm, usually I try to ignore it. That's SUCH a great coping mechanism. Not.

  4. Sending you a tight hug!

    I fight... I get all kinds of bitchy and the truth starts getting nastier and then FIGHT! I don't deal well when I feel stressed out, especially by family. I try to keep the peace for a while, but that'll only last for so long...

    I hope you are well and that you get back to happy soon :)

  5. azteclady - sometimes you just need to do what you need to do. All over now. Thank you. *hugs*

    Tasha - I worry and worry and worry about it and then when it's on me I just grit my teeth and get through it. Ignoring sounds easier, but it probably just as stressful!

    Mariana - thank you! *hugs* I avoid fighting/confrontation like the plague. All done now and I survived. It's meant to be a very wet weekend so I'm going to watch some DVDs, go online LOTS and unpack some more boxes :) Oh and read! *grin*

  6. Well I think it's already Saturday there but I give you hugs anyway. I hope you made it through the week with no problem. :)

    What do I do? I hide. I grab a book, shut myself in my bedroom and turn off all technology (computer, home phone and cell phone) so that no one can find me. Ok, so the kids and the hubby usually find me but they're very understanding. :)

  7. Tracy - thank you :) I did. The 'grit teeth and get through it' approach works again :) And I so like your approach :) I just need to get my reading mojo back!

  8. Hang in there, kiddo. xo

    What do I do? I cry. Usually in the shower. I know that's weird but it's just a private place where I can relax and release some pent up emotion. Then you can always say you got soap in your eyes when they're red afterward.

    I also like to run. Again.. alone time plus the running can make you feel like you have the power to get away from whatever is holding you back. Which YOU CAN. Plus it releases some feel good endorphins. Gotta love them.

    Then there's always the escape into a book. Sometimes you just need a reprieve of a few hours to just NOT THINK about whatever it is in life dragging you down at the moment.

    Those are some of my coping mechanisms.