15 February 2012


...was St Valentine's Day. I'm not a fan...of the day I mean. St Valentine himself? Don't know the guy...although I'd love to know his thoughts on how the day of his death is commemorated in the modern age. Anyway, because I'm me, I thought I'd post one of my favourite songs, which is probably not the right song for St Valentine's Day, but... *shrug* I like it.

Thoughts on its St Valentine's Day appropriateness? *grin*


  1. LOL! It's perhaps more realistic than appropriate. :)

  2. I have never cared much about the day--in Mexico, as I was growing up, it wasn't really a thing yet, so *shrug*

    The song bothers me, though--I have never understood staying in a relationship after the first infidelity, let alone serial infidelity.

    Seems like such a waste of energy, you know?

  3. *frowns* I commented! what happened?

    second try:

    I don't care much, one way or the other, for the day--I grew up in Mexico a few decades ago, before it was imported in full force from the US.

    The song, however...I have never understood why people stay in a relationship after infidelity. I can't think it would be worth the effort (not to mention the pain, the ego-battering, etc).

  4. just to see if it's blogger or me

    (third try, no actual comment this time)

  5. The anthem in school was always Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive :) The girls used to drink and sing it over and over....

    I'm not that big into these holidays... so commercial, although I do get my daughter a little something.

    I loved this song when it first came out, then they played it to death.

  6. Chris - yeah, that's what I though. I also keep thinking (way too logical ATM) that she shouldn't carve her name in the car seat as it's kind of like a sign for the police :)

    azteclady - oh no? Problems with Blogger? How are you sweetie?

    Mariana - I love the idea of you getting your daughter something. I was trying to avoid the radio on the day, but one lady said she and her children were having their favourite meal - just lovely :)

  7. Tasha - I haven't watched that one. Must rectify that *grin*