17 March 2012

Blast From The Past

I used to do this. Not the smoking. Nor the drinking. The dancing. No thinking just dancing was my way of releasing tension. Which is why I love this scene from Footloose the most:

And the song. Gotta love the song *grin* And my favourite line from the song?
If you don't give your heart wings you'll never, never, never, never learn to fly.
The line makes far more sense now than it ever did then! 0_0 I haven't seen the remake. IDK what it is, but often remakes are less....gritty. That was definitely the case for Fame. Battlestar Galactica on the other hand? Oh was that remake gritty!

Hmmm. I quite enjoyed delving back into some 80s music. I can't believe what I've found on the time suck known as YouTube :) Would you like another blast from the past later this month?


  1. I love that movie--and hate that they would remake it.

    Seriously, some things can't be improved upon. (And boy, do I wish Hollywood would stop trying already)

  2. Agreed about wishing Hollywood would stop trying with the remakes... :(

  3. I love it too :) And yes...some things can't be improved upon. OK...the specific effects can, but sometimes the original is better. Star Wars anyone? *grin*

  4. And definitely Chris. Enough with the remakes! Or the endless sequels :)

  5. I've never seen that movie. I have a very low '80s knowledge quotient.

  6. I love it, but I must confess that if I watched it now I would probably laugh hysterically at the clothes and hairstyles. But the dancing rocks :)

  7. I love Footloose but my favourite 'dance' movies are Dirty Dancing and Flashdance

  8. I had a VW bug in the 80s! It was powder blue. My first car... *sigh*
    I didn't have a casette player in my car though! Only a radio.

    I think I should make my girls watch the original Footloose over spring break. I bet they'd love it.

  9. ShellBell - I love both Dirty Dancing and Flashdance! Actually, the theme song to Flashdance was on the radio this morning - made me wish I could rewatch the dance scene it was used in!

    Christine - that car sounds amazing! And I would love to know what your girls think of Footloose, although they may be lots of giggling over the hair and clothing. The high-waisted, stone-washed jeans in the above scene had me in hysterics :)