26 March 2012


I was going to post a rant...ummm...thought or two, but Headache 1, orannia 0 ATM, so I'm turning to music. And then I was going to wax lyrical and St Elmo's Fire and the delicious Rob Lowe, but the following 80s song caught my attention.

I love this song. And then I noticed something else, and this is probably showing up my lack of sleep, but...the lead singer of Mr Mister looks (to my mind) a bit like Jared Leto. Thoughts?

And what do we think of that hair and those tight jeans? *grin*


  1. I hope your headache is gone by now!

    80s hair... *shakes head*

  2. Hope you feel better. Headaches suck. :(
    Such an 80s song, eh?

    I see you're reading Archangel's Blade! I LOVED it [except for one thing towards the end. We will discuss when you're done.. ]!

  3. Chris - headache stayed around today, but almost gone! And isn't 80s hair just...scary?

    Christine - headaches are evil. And what can I say - I love 80s music. And yes, just started Archangel's Blad. Ohhh - you have me intrigued. I look forward to discussing it with you :) And thank you so much for the recipe! *hugs*

  4. LOL - have you seen my pictures of MY 80s hair?! :D


  5. Brilliant 80s hair - I love it! I had a perm in the late 80s and thus got the nickname Molly Woppy from a fairy tale (http://www.zeluna.net/mollywhuppie.html)

  6. LOL! And thanks. That crazy mess of hair was without a perm.

  7. Glad to hear your headache is gone! And OMG,the 80s hair, lol!

  8. Chris - whereas without a perm mine was flat as!

    Janna - thank you :) And yes - that 80s hair. Those mullets! *hides*