20 March 2012

The Hunger Games

So...my best friend and I are (planets [and our schedules] aligning :) going to see The Hunger Games over the Easter weekend. I have yet to read the book. TBH I've been on the fence about the book. But then I saw the trailer and thought...hmmm. Maybe :)

So, I'm curious - have you read and/or seen The Hunger Games? And...are you a 'read the book' or 'watch the movie' first person? Or does it not matter? Because ATM I'm going to see the movie first and then decide on whether or not to tackle the book. (I'm a watch the movie first person, mostly because I find a movie can never do a book justice, and if I read a book before seeing the movie I end up getting very annoyed at the various shortcuts taken. LOTR being an exception of course, because otherwise we would have ended up with hundreds of movies :)


  1. The book is okay so far. I probably would have finished it a long time ago but work has utterly sucked out my reading time this week. =/ I can see how it might make a good book.

  2. Eh, not really interested in either. :)

  3. When Nikki gave me her Kindle and I registered it in my name I figured all of her books would go away - well, they didn't and Hunger Games was on there - score. lol I haven't actually read it yet but it sounds interesting. I kind of like the dystopian setting.

  4. Tasha - sorry work has been such a time suck. Not being able to read is....hard. *hugs*

    Chris - LOL! I've been off YA for quite a while, but the trailer (more than the book) has me intrigued.

    Tracy - definite score! I too quite like the dystopian setting, but the YA bit has been putting me off slightly. If you do read it, I'll look forward to hearing what you think :)

  5. Oh! I read this trilogy last year at the beach. Why did I wait so long? What I loved most is how dark it is. Oh my.

    Very excited to see it this Friday - although nervous it won't hold up to the book. We shall see!!!

  6. As much as I've liked the trailers, I have no plans to watch the movie--and I probably won't read the books either. I'm feeling very contrary indeed.

    Very often I've read the book first and then don't watch the movie--because yes, every cut and shortcut from book to movie drives me nuts.

  7. I read the first Hunger Games book way back in 2008 when it first came out and I loved it. I wrote a review on my blog and also did a discussion with Thea on TheBook Smugglers. We were both impressed. BUT I know first hand how major hype for a book-- along with a movie deal--can crush a lot of readers' desire to read the book. That happens to me A LOT. So I don't blame the lot of you who have no desire to read the books at this point. Y'all should have just read it in 2008 when I reviewed the dang book on my blog! lol j/k

    My girls have both read the books.. Well.. my eldest and I read the first two books years ago but still haven't read the final book. My youngest read all three books earlier this year. I am taking her this weekend to see it with two of her friends, but was asked not to sit next to them. Behind them is ok. She's 13 today. *cries*

  8. I've read the trilogy, my daughter is a HUGE fan and they were very good. We're definitely going to see the movies. I like reading the books before seeing the movies; it's interesting to see what makes it to canvas :)

    The movie I'm completely excited about is Snow White and the Huntsman... that trailer is AWESOME! Check it out: http://www.themarysue.com/snow-white-and-the-huntsman-trailer/

    @Christine - I'll sit with you :) 13 sucks major!

  9. Mandi - I love dark :) Just been lent it by a friend. I still think I'll be watching the movie first, but...maybe I'll go mad after that!

    azteclady - I don't think you're the only one :) And I'm so with you on shortcuts from books to movies!

    Y'all should have just read it in 2008 when I reviewed the dang book on my blog! lol j/k

    Christine - LOL! Did I know you in 2008? I think not...so can I be excused please? LOL! You have to sit behind your daughter? Ohhhh. *hugs* It's a shame you can't bring a friend along so you can sit together :)

    Mariana - it is definitely interesting to see how books are interpreted on teh big screen, but sometimes my interpretation and the director's differ :) Off to watch the trailer! Ohhh - I was just suggesting to Christine she take someone with her :) Great minds think alike. *hugs*

  10. As a matter of fact, we DID know each other in 2008. You even commented on my review! Hahahaha! :P

    I saw the movie last night, by the way... took my 13 year old and one of her friends and guess what? AFter I sat in the row in front of them, she changed her mind and asked me to sit next to her! I was so happy. :D

    Anyway.. LOVED the movie. It was very intense and very well done.. with respect to the book and as a film as a whole. I do recommend it.

  11. I am like you. I plan to see the movie, then read the book. Movies rarely live up to the details of the original text (I'm looking at you Harry Potter series and Interview With a Vampire.) I did the movie first thing with Jurassic Park way back when and ended up enjoying the movie, then loving the book.