13 March 2012


The tenth book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series (JR Ward) - Lover Reborn - is scheduled to be published on 27 March 2012. And its looming publication got me to thinking...should I be preparing for its release? Should I re-read the last book in the series? What about the whole series? Maybe just my favourite scenes? Hmmm...Qhuay :)

So...how do you prepare for the release of a book in a favourite series? Do you:
a) Do nothing;
b) Re-read the last book in the series;
c) Re-read the entire series;
d) Re-read your favourite scenes;
e) Something else :)


  1. Depends on the series--meaning, how long ago was the last book released (read)? In some cases, I'm so conversant with the series that no re-read is necessary, but in others I won't know what's going on without at least a refresher course.

    And then there are those series where you re-read just before a release, for the sheer pleasure of immersing yourself in the world the author has created *coughPsyChangelingcough*

  2. Well, using GhosTV as an example (probably a special and extreme example), I read it asap when it came out, then reread the rest of the series and read GhosTV again. :)

  3. You forgot option F., create costumes to attend the launch party with and start planning JR Ward-themed menus. :)

  4. azteclady - very good points! Long gaps between books definitely require some form of re-read. Ah yes, the Psy-Changeling books :)

    Chris - I can re-read the PsyCop series whenever *grin*

    Tasha - ROFLOL!

  5. I usually do nothing. I will do nothing for Lover Reborn.

    I have fallen terribly behind in Meljean Brook's Guardian series and recently read the short story in the First Blood anthology (#3.5) and felt like I forgot a lot of the important details about the rules of the world.. so I did go back and visit Meljean's website to poke around in the background info. I may try to read a bunch of spoilery reviews for the previous book (#3) if I can find them.. to get me ready for books #4, #5, #6 and #7 which have been waiting patiently on my TBR shelf. I WISH I had the time to go back and read the first three books.. I mean, I guess I do.. but I want to spend that time reading the books I've already neglected, you know?

  6. I am so, so anxious for this book. I'm not going to reread the last one, though. I sometimes go read through reviews of previous books on GR or summaries at other places. They tend to jog my memory.


  7. Christine - you're in good company (if I do say so myself :) as I haven't gotten beyond the second book in the Guardian series. I've enjoyed them so far, but...they do take a lot of concentration and time to read and I haven't been up for that for a while. I do hope to get on with them at some point. And I know about not re-reading so you're not taking time away from book waiting to be read :) TBH the longer a series the less likely I am to pick it up.

    Eyre - I am too, but I know I am going to rant about it. Actually I quite enjoy the ranting :) I am a bad person. *grin*

  8. Orannia .. you need an option f) all of the above. Depending on the book and the series I have: reread the series, reread the last book, done nothing, done something else, and reread my favourite scenes.

    I don't plan on doing anything for Lover Reborn. In the past I would have reread the entire BDB series as each new book was released and reread each new release several times before moving on to another book. I haven't even reread Lover Unleashed. While I am sure I will read Lover Reborn, I'm not rushing to read it.

  9. ShellBell - LOL! I do need an option f), don't I! *grin* You're not sure you'll be reading Lover Reborn? WOW! I am going to read it, but I think more for ranting purposes (I am a bad person)...and Qhuay of course :)