20 April 2012

To The Moon And Back

I am in transit. I think. I'm not quite sure. It's been a long week. It's been a long month. ATM my hindbrain seems to be the one in control. Logic...it didn't make the trip. Stress can do that supposedly. What is frustrating is I can't work out what exactly I'm stressed about. On the bright side, I have taken next week as annual leave. And I have spoken to the unnamed expert and we have devised a relaxation plan...because relaxation and I (to stick with the same analogy) are never on the same flight. And I need to relax. I need to destress. Because I'm literally surviving on fumes. And this is why I have been AWOL of late. Everything I touch I seem to screw up in some way, shape or form. I'm like a mouse on a treadmill. But I want to get off.


  1. Relaxation - especially when stress is hitting you hard - can be so difficult. I hope you find that calm place within you while you rest next week.

    Love that song!

  2. (((orannia)))

    Here's to wishing you a week where you accomplish nothing but de-stressing. *sending good thoughts*

  3. (((hugs))) Sounds like you definitely need some down time!

  4. I hope you can find that much needed relaxation. *big hugs*

  5. *HUGS*

    I hope you manage to get some relaxation despite yourself. :)

  6. Hang in there, kiddo. And yes, you definitely need to find some relaxation techniques and methods to release stress. Meditating a few minutes every day is supposed to do wonders. The last health book I read--Crazy Sexy Diet by Kris Carr had a great section on this. Maybe your library has the book? Also... regular exercise. It relieves stress and releases all those 'good for your mind and body' hormones. 'Runner's high' isn't made up! It really does exist and it's not too hard to find it. Good luck! xoxo

  7. Tracy - thank you. I keep thinking I've found it, only to fall back - GRRR! And isn't it a great song?

    azteclady - those thoughts are much appreciated. Thank you!

    Tasha - thank you! And yes - I feel like a mouse on a treadmill!

    Janna - *fingers crossed* Thank you!

    Chris - thank you :) And that's so true. I'm my own worst enemy!

    Christine - thank you! I actually have a meditation book that my lovely best friend gave me. I should pull it out. And I should get back to the exercise as I threw that out the window this week :(