16 May 2012

For You

I know how hard you find it sometimes to put one foot in front of the other, to stand tall in the driving wind. This is for you.


  1. Not meant for me, but...thank you.

  2. Love this song. Thanks for sharing.

  3. azteclady - you're welcome. I hope all is well with you? *hugs*

    Tracy - I love it too! It just has the most amazing lyrics! And you're very welcome :)

  4. What a tear jerker video! Ugh. I cried! .. but I liked the ending.

    Hope you guys are all well!

  5. It is a sad video, but also one of hope. And the words...I loved the words.

    I'm good thank you. Just trying to find a balance and get back into blogging :) For now, I'm just going to visit :)